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A few photographs

Not a collection of photographs, just a few random ones, most of which have been taken on my phone. Enjoy.

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Just in case you’re wondering; the big shoe chair is one of the new props for the studio. Fab, innit?

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That’s a handy bin

During the last few weeks I’ve been amassing photos of things. There is no theme, rhyme or reason, I just like them. I hope you do too.

A very handy bin

Don’t spray the paint: How I wish I was brave enough to spray the paint but I’m a rule follower not a rule breaker. How sad is that? “I wanna be a rule breaker!”  Nope. Even I don’t believe it, I’m such a goody goody. Dammit.

A picture of my house. What do you mean, you can’t see it, it’s right in front of you!

Tree silhouette.

Biblical sky

Rocky trail or…Bloody geocaching! Poor Batty was daft enough to agree to come geocaching with me. The route led us eventually to this trail. At times on the way I was having to heave her over the rocks and across streams and  down steep muddy banks until eventually we got on the path we wanted. She’s got some bottle, Batty. I’m in awe of her calm, unflappable approach to difficult situations. Many an able bodied child ( and adult) would have baulked at what she did that evening. Well done Batty!

To swim or not to swim: That is the question. The answer came about two minutes later when a whippet, alaskan malamute and a scottish terrier all turned up so they went for a swim together. This was the calm before the mayhem.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know, I just liked the light and the angles.

Big assed buttercups

Spring Morning on the moors

Dangerous has turned nine. Happy birthday, Dangerous!!

I think she had quite a nice birthday. When I was a kid having a birthday on a school day was always a bad thing. Now they take in cakes and have a mini birthday party in their class.  She’d already had a fantastic day by the time she’d finished school and then she had her surprise party at home as well as presents and money from lots of people and a big chocolate cake. All in all, not a bad day.

Spring has well and truly arrived here in Blighty. In fact, the weather is so nice we are having the first barbecue of the year today. A barbeque in March? Unheard of! A I write, the sun is blazing away like a good ‘un and I’m fighting the urge to wash every curtain, sheet, in fact bit of washable fabric in the house. What is it about spring that makes you want to give everything a really good clean? The dog had better keep out my way or he’ll be next on my washing list.

I’ve been up since 5.45 this morning – except that it wasn’t 5.45 at all, it was 6.45 because the clocks went forward last night. It was just getting light as I opened a bleary eye and realised that  the sun was giving hints that it might put on a spectacular dawn display so I grabbed my camera and the dog and set off on to the moors to watch the show.  The show didn’t quite live up to expectations but what’s not to love anyway, being on the moors on a still, and warm sunny morning listening to the birds and nothing else.  No traffic, no people, just me, the dog and nature, I saw a hare this morning, haring off in the opposite direction, obviously I startled it. I suppose the  last thing it would be expecting to see was some gallumphing great hiker disturbing it’s Sunday morning reverie. It didn’t look best pleased as it sped off. Can’t say as I blame it.

Here are a few of  my shots from this morning’s walk. Hope you like them.

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Munki Business

Munki turned three recently. Three!

Out on a girly mooch round the shops, on a no pressure shopping trip with a friend yesterday, she casually asked me while I was  sipping on a delicious skinny latte if Munki was one or was she two yet?

“She’s three.”  Her response was the same as mine. “Three? Oh my God! How did that happen so fast?”

I’m not going to go into a long, drawn out description about how, clever, talented or anything she else she is (Munki – not my friend – although she is as well).  Obviously she is one of the three most gifted children in the universe, along with Batty and Dangerous.

In the absence of any birthday photos; here’s my tribute to Munki’s birthday.

Walk like a monkey Munki
Grumpy Munki
Cute Christmas Munki

Unlike most kids of her age she isn’t overawed by coming into the studio for photographs. The upside is that she isn’t a bit shy of the camera. The down ( but very funny ) side is that she puts on all sorts of performances for me. Her favourite being to sit with her back to the camera  and then tell me that she’s smiling. Cheeky Munki.

Now we’re really in the run up to Christmas it’s all getting a bit busy. It’s Batty’s school’s Winter Wonderland concert tonight. Am I going? Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. Batty’s singing so I’d better take a pile of tissues with me as I’m going to blub like a baby.

Hip hip!!

It’s Hip hip Hipstamatic-y goodness!

While I was out for a walk in the woods with Mrs Woofy to burn off a bit of energy before going out training, or dogging, as Boofuls calls it, the sun was shining through the trees and it was all looking a bit glorious.

That kind of light is notoriously tricky especially for a camera on a phone to deal with but d’ya know what? I’m really chuffed with the results.  What do you think?

Yeah, I know. You think I’m overdoing the hipstamatic app but I don’t care, the novelty will wear off soon.

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Sick of the middle aged spread that’s spreading further by the day despite all my best efforts, I’m starting a new diet tomorrow.

It’s the Italian pasta diet, take a look:


1. You walk pasta da bakery.

2. You walka pasta da candy store.

3. You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.

4. You walka pasta da table and fridge.

You will lose weight!

Not a happy camper

Funny things, people.

Two sets of couple were due at the studio to view their photos.  The first couple I’d found quite hard work  last week when I shot their ‘bump’ photos.  the second ones, from last Saturday were a hoot, you remember the multicoloured coat? Them.

First appointment this morning, the pregnant couple, not looking forward to this, thought they might be picky. They were picky all right. They picked this, that, the other, spent a fortune and are coming back for more. They loved their photos and stayed with me over an hour and a half planning where they would put the baby photos when he/she is born.

After a good start I was looking forward to freebie the engagement couple.   How wrong can you be?

They managed to find  only 4 photos ‘they didn’t mind’ out of the whole batch. Tried to get the whole cd of images from me to ‘make their mind up at home’.   Yeah, yeah, do I look like I came down with the last shower of rain? I’ve come across that one before.

She complained that she didn’t like her photos but his were ok (only ok) . He complained he didn’t like his photos but hers were ok. In the end they left without making any decisions.  I was just glad to see the back of them and near to tears.  I wouldn’t mind if the photos really were bad but they aren’t. I was really pleased with them and looking forward to showing them off.

Just goes to show, what people don’t pay for, they don’t value. Freebies? Hate ’em.


Trumpet tooting time

That’d be my own trumpet. I’m feeling a bit pleased with my little self at the moment because this magazine dropped through my letterbox the other day:

BBe Inspired

Hang on a minute, I thought. That’s one of my photos on the front cover!  I’d forgotten about that.  Taking a quick flick through it, looking for my own pictures of course, I soon came across this page and felt even more pleased with myself.  Full page!!!!

Whalley Abbey

Ok, I know it’s not Italian Vogue, but it’s a start!

Waking up this morning to yet another gloomy sky I felt my heart sink before I even got out of bed. That’s  no way to start the day, is it?  It’s August for God’s sake, a bit of sunshine in August shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Me and one of the clingons went for a walk in the soggy woods yesterday with poochie. It’s fair to say that I’m getting well and truly fed up with rain. We still had fun though, here are a couple of photos  from the walk.

Looking towards Darwen
Upright and upside down

Sorry.  It’s that lomo app again, I can’t leave it alone!  It’s the same with the ‘ ! ‘ key, I can’t seem to leave that alone either!!!

Autumn leaves?

We were walking down through the woods, listening to Reel Big Fish on my phone whule I tried to  cough over all the swear words so my granddaughter wouldn’t be corrupted. It would have been ok if I’d casught them all but I did miss quite a few. “Oh Nanny,” “I’ve heard far worse than that, what are you worried about?”

Anyway,  ambling through the woods, we saw this tree. “Oh look, that’s pretty,” I said before realising that it was pretty  because the leaves are turning.  Whaaaaaattt?? Bloody hell!  We haven’t had our summer yet. Get away with your autumn leaves and come back in October when it’s time (Ok, September isn’t unreasonable but we haven’t had summer yet, fair do’s).

Never work with children or animals

Friday was quite a busy old day one way and another.

It started off with me being just a bit too efficient for my own good and having to hang about on the dooorstep of my favourite budget supermarket waiting for it to open.  That’s not good. Shopping in there when you can run from the car to the shop with a coat over your head so none of your M & S shopping friends will see you is one thing but having to wait on the doorstep to get in just makes you look kind of desperate. They’d have been watching to see if I came out clutching a bottle of cheap hooch ( Oh – I did. Pretend Pimms, very nice).

Shopping all done and out of the way I decide to take poochie for a walk. Not so much a walk as a plod. It was hotter than hell here on Friday and we all know that I don’t retain these youthful good looks by sitting in the sun soaking up rays and accelerating the prune-ification process, that’ll happen quite quickly enough on it’s own, thank you.  The words ‘sun’ and ‘worshipper’ can’t really be attributed to me. Shade worshipper is more like it.

As much as I love the warmth and the sunshine I really am much more comfortable with a slight dusting of cloud cover and moderate temperatures. That’s why I keep dragging poor old B back to Scandinavian countries, I feel right at home there. I think I must have been  a Viking in a previous life. My latest scheme er ..*cough* plan for a wonderful holiday for the pair of us is to go to Finland in winter when the sea has frozen. It’d be ACE!!!  Brilliant photography.

Anyway, back to the plot: On went the factor 50, the log sleeved top, trousers and hat and we trudged over the moors at the back of the house for an hour. It would have been much more sensible head for the the woods and therefore a bit of shade  but time scales didn’t allow it. There wasn’t a trace of shade anywhere, even the sheep were looking at us as if to say, ‘look at those two, they must be barking.’ Well, one us us was.

back to the studio for a baby shoot. I really must find a new way to describe a baby portrait session, ‘baby shoot’ sounds like a type of country pursuit involving men in plus fours carrying shotguns.  The baby was the same on who came last week, you know, the one who’s mother insisted on bringing him even though he was ill. Tsk. The poor kid really wasn’t up to it so I put a stop to it after a few minutes and told her to come back when he was better.  He was loads better this week and we got some great shots – obviously I can’t show you on here, you’ll just ahve to take my word for it.

Since poochie was still with me I thought it might be nice to get some studio portraits of her.  Roping son P in to help we had a hysterical 15 minutes, it did reslt in me getting bitten but hey ho. It wasn’t the dog’s fault, she just got over excited.  She is a ridiculously nervous dog so I was a bit worried about how she’d react to the flash but after a minute or two she was fine. Son P, who has been learning how to use a dslr looked as though he fancied a go at taking the photos so I did the dog handling while he took the pics. I think he did really well, what do you think?

And if you’re wondering how you get a dog to dance well, here’s how:

Scooby snacks.

A handful of dog treats in my hand, she’d jump through hoops of fire for a scooby snack!  Actually, she probably will be jumping through hoops of fire in a few months- we are starting agility classes next week.   At the country show last week they had dogs jumping through hoops of fire. I personally probably wouldn’t have sent a very hairy dog through the hoops, that just seemed like an accident waiting to happen. had to admire the dogs for their bravery  though- or their stupidity depending on how you look at it.  I’m bloody greedy but I’m not so greedy that I’d jump through fire to get to a scooby snack…….maybe.

Did I mention that I don’t actually like dogs?  Nasty, smelly, time consuming, demanding, begging  brutes. I’ve held on to that line for donkey’s years. My sister always maintained that I’d be really good with dogs and I’d always refer her back to the ; nasty, smelly  etc, etc……..line.   What the hell happened to me then?

Poochie did.

What a brilliant dog – I love her to bits and she’s not even mine.

A few of my favourite things

Just to round it all off here are a few more holiday snaps.

Bloody seagulls

The chap under this big umbrella was a fantastic photographer and all round nice chap, JC Jordan I ended up buying his book and I’ve spent many a happy hour looking through it and planning our next trip to Finland since we got back.

Church in a rock

This place took my breath away. Also in Finland, it’s a church built into the hillside. Hey!! That makes it a troglodyte church!  Anyway, it’s stunning, go and see it if you ever get chance.

The ceiling of the church in a rock

Otherwise known as Temppeliaukion kirkko, church in a rock is far easier to say. This was the ceiling – as it says in the photo.

church in a rock interior
church in a rock interior
Roof of the church in a rock
copper ceiling
Santa's Minimarket, Helsinki

After all that godliness, this shop brought us back to earth with a laugh.

Then it was time for lunch in one of the many food stalls on the market. Take on the seagulls at your own risk!!  The food was delicious.

Food Market, Helsinki

After lunch it was time for another walk round. We found this beautiful cathedral. I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember what it’s called, I was getting a bit churched out by this time.

White Cathedral, Helsink

Meanwhile, back in Russia – it continued to be a land of huge contrasts:

Blocks of flats in St Petersburg
Interior of Palace in St Petersburg
Horse in armour

I turned round at one point in the armoury room in The Hermitage in St Petersburg to see this looming over me. I nearly had a kitten!!

Well, that’s really it, folks. Unless you want more photos and bitchin’ stories coz I’ve got a pocketful of them. All in all it was a great holiday, I’d have liked to spend more time in each place to really get a feel for it but at least we’ve had a taster of each place so we know what to expect if we go back. Finland and Estonia were definitely my favourite places on this trip. I’ll be watching Easyjet etc. for cheap weekend flights.

Oh well, time to get back into real time I suppose.

If he was a horse they’d have shot him

Poor B isn’t a well boy today.

On top of the sore foot, knee and groin he’s started coughing and sniffling. As I write he’s, snuggled up on the settee feeling very sorry for himself. Poor old B.

Me, on the other hand, have been working like the clappers all day. I’ve already processed all the pics from yesterdays wedding. printed their proof book and exported their slideshow  – as well as processing and printing a reprint order. Damn, I’m efficient when I have no distractions!

I’ve noticed recently that wedding florists seem to be getting a bit less than particular about the condition of the flowers they are sending out. If flowers like this turned up at my wedding I’d send the buggers straight back, it’s disgraceful.  It’s even more disgraceful because I’m the one who’s left to do the photoshopping on it to make it look perfect in the album. Here’s a before and after:

Edited rose

I think I’ll find a good film to watch for the rest of the afternoon before we go off to dance practice tonight.