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Two funerals and a wedding

Boofuls and me seem to be going for the ‘most funerals attended in 12 months’ award.  We’re going to one on Monday and maybe another on Wednesday. When will it end? It’s getting beyond a joke, all this.

There’s hardly a person I know who isn’t grieving at the moment, ( I just scared myself then so I’m changing the subject quickly so there’s no fate tempting going on).

Tonight we had a couple due to come and visit the studio to view their wedding proofs.  They were due at 7pm at the studio. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in there today moving things around and beautifying it. It looks very nice, if I do say so myself.

Right way up and upside down

Hehe  I couldn’t resist taking the photo using the reflections in our shiny new coffee table.

Before I knew it it was almost 5 o’clock. It was  going to be a rush to get home, get fed, changed and back down there in plenty of time for the couple arriving.

Making a brief detour into Sainsbury’s for a bottle of ‘better than half price’ champagne and a few nibbles on my my way home, I arrived back home  to see a large electricity board van parked on our track.

“There’s a fault on the line, the power will be off for about an hour.”

“An hour?”

“Well, y’know.”

“Anybody’s guess then.”

“That’s about it.”

At the point of walking into my freezing cold house, it was actually warmer outside, I made the decision that we’d be going out for a pub meal tonight before going back to work. Boofuls arrived home, shaved and  changed in record time and we made our way to the pub. So did about 6 million other people.

“We’ll never be out in time, let’s go for a chippy tea.”

I was elected to go in and order while Boofuls parked on the double yellows outside. It has to be that way round because I wouldn’t have parked there without having a nervous breakdown. I’d have made him walk the 200 yards from the nearest legal parking space. Parking illegally doesn’t worry Boofuls though as it goes without saying that rules don’t apply to him.

In the chippy, one we’ve never been in before, I was idly glancing around, as you do, when my eye fell upon a poster from the NFFF proclaiming how fish and chips is good for you and is practically one of your five a day. It stated that fish and chips has ‘Less fat and less calories than most other takeaways.’  Resisting the urge to reach into my bag for a pen to correct the abysmal grammar I muttered under my breath, ‘It’s ‘FEWER’ calories. Less fat and fewer calories.’ Tsk.

Mind you I don’t suppose you can ask too much from a chippy that advertises ‘chicken currie’ God help us. That’s as bad as my other pet hates, ‘potatoe’ and that serious misuse of the possessive apostrophe as in, ‘We sell hot pie’s.’  I always get funny looks when I ask them “Hot Pie’s what, and does he know you’re selling his stuff?”

Let’s have a competition!!! Guess what NFFF stands for – without googling it. Best answer wins absolutely nothing but if you make me laugh you can have a small amount of kudos.

Anyway – back at the ranch: We polished off the fish and chips in the canteen at work and I set about getting everything ready for our bride and groom.

The studio looked gorgeous, it was lovely and warm, we had candles twinkling, mood lighting, champagne, nibbles, a fabulous furry black throw for the settee and a lovely slideshow of images from the wedding.   I wasn’t totally impressed with Boofuls when he plonked his cup on the coffee table and ruined the whole effect but it wasn’t there for many seconds.

The B, G and her M all loved the photos which always makes me happy.  To be honest I was a bit surprised when the bride’s Mum arrived as well, I’ve seen her more than I’ve seen the groom but never mind, at least she’s always enthusiastic.

Here are a few pics from their wedding. Obviously I don’t want to identify them on here so there’ll be no faces on show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ps Can’t get the slideshow to run without including the studio pic in there which I don’t want to do so just click on the box above and it’ll pop open like magic.