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The Butler did it….or did he?

Every season of the year has it’s charms.

I always mourn the demise of summer and have visions of a long and bleak winter stretching out for months in front of us. Then  I find myself  in the woods on a cold, bright and crisp day and think to myself, ‘You can’t beat a walk in the woods on a lovely crisp autumn day when the leaves have turned to gold and red, it’s breathtaking. I think this is my favourite time of year.’

Not so breathtaking but just as charming in their  own way are the still and misty days. The ones that inspired Keats’ Ode to Autumn; ‘ Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.’  I always think of that poem when I’m out walking on  those gentle, calming and soft days. It’s not so invigorating as a crisp walk but it’s an ideal time for reflection. ‘Aaah, yes, Autumn is definitely the best time of year.’

The nights  are really starting to draw in now,  it’s dark by 7pm and the clocks go back this weekend so it’ll be darker even sooner. Then it’s officially the time of year for snuggly nights on the settee, candles and cosiness.  It’s not all bad  as the year rolls round to winter.

Now that it’s getting light later we have been able to enjoy some absolutely spectacular sunrises. I love ‘the pink hour’  and this month there have been a lot of them. This was this morning:

The pink hour

The pink hour is a nice consolation prize for having to get up in the dark.  I really, really hate getting up in the dark. It doesn’t matter what time it is. If I have to get up in the dark it feels like the middle of the night. Should be a law against it. Somehow I don’t mind it quite so much when I get to start the day with a sunrise like this one.

Huh? What happened to mourning summer?

See. Every season of the year has it’s charms.

I saw two things on a trip to B & Q yesterday. One made me laugh and the other made my jaw drop in surprise. I photographed them both for you.


Hahaaaaa!! Bapmobile! I love it!  It took me a second to get it though. Say it out loud.

Just in case you don’t know,  and sorry for patronising you if you do, baps are a kind of bread roll.

Baps is also a slang word for  breasts, generally large breasts. I’ve noticed a couple of sandwich shops with names like “Bev’s Baps’ which always makes me chuckle like a twelve year old boy as I drive past.

Doncha just love word games?

The other thing I saw, two minutes later had me standing slack jawed with surprise in the garden centre. What do you think? Would you have been as surprised as me?

Christmas Trees

Real, needle dropping,branch drooping after 2 weeks, christmas trees!  I know these are in plantpots but even so. It’s October!  If you can’t stick to the old adage of ‘Keep Christmas in December’ then at least try and hold out till mid November.  I’d  be willing to bet that by next week we see a couple of houses trimmed up for Christmas. Let’s have a competition and see who spots the first one. I’ll need photographic evidence, mind. The winner wins, um, nothing.

It’s The Rev’s birthday this weekend. To celebrate it we decided to have a murder mystery dinner party, we haven’t done that for ages. I love a good murder mystery dinner party.

The story line  was that a tomb even more important than Tutankhamun’s had been unearthed and now the archaeologists involved in the dig were dropping like flies. Plenty of scope there for intrigue, plot twists and accusations.

I spent the whole afternoon  in preparation for the event by cooking up such middle eastern delights as meze (not so much cooking there) lamb tagine,  couscous, basboosa and baklava. Then I turned my attention to the dining room,  with the aid of some of my many scarves. I didn’t realise I had such eastern taste in scarves till I came to look for a few to use as drapes. With that and a few candles and lamps we soon had a very passable kasbah.

My Iraqi friend, Maddi made me a cd of middle eastern music that was exactly right for the occasion.  Thanks, Mads.

Everyone really got into the spirit of it. The plot, as normal, was virtually unfollowable and the murderer turned out to be Boofuls. Not that any of us managed to work that out. Here are a few photos of the night.

Motley Crew
The Rev smoking an invisible pipe

That beard got around a a bit