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This has been the bad day of bad days. It’s hard to be a positive thinker when everything is falling down around you.

G’night all.

Roll on tomorrow and maybe I won’t feel quite so out of control and helpless.



I have a friend (Yeah, really!) who always posts a single word post on Facebook and waits to see how many people comment on it. Ten minutes later, if no one has commented she’ll go and open up the topic.

What’s that got to do with anything?  Absobloodylutely sod all.

It’s just that I haven’t got anything to write about and that’s all I could think of – and as it always says in the ‘how to’s’ you should just start to write so here I am.

Apologies in advance for the disjointed drivel that you’ve just read and for that to follow. It’s not even as though nothing has happened this week – loads has happened, just not things that I think are appropriate to share on here. Mostly because it’s been the crap week from hell and since I’m positive thinking at the moment I don’t want to dwell on it. To be honest, the only thing I’m feeling positive about today is that I’m completely and utterly naffed off, tired, emotional and drained. Douggie the doggie having a fit in the early hours of this morning didn’t help matters much. I’ll resume my attitude of gratitude tomorrow.

So. Day off today.

It’s tough being a florist’s assistant. It’s also super busy at this time of year. I went from helping to make a Christmas arrangement to helping to make a coffin top arrangement to Facebooking and updating the website, all in the space of an hour yesterday.  So much for retirement. It’s so busy I’m  working up to and including Christmas Eve.

That brings me nicely to the season of goodwill.

I popped over to have a gander at Manchestercflickchick’s blog, as is my wont. Good blog, go and take a look, say I sent you. Imagine my delight when I read a whole post dedicated to Christmas. Yay! It was one of those nominate jobbies but she didn’t nominate me. I was gutted.  Anyway, God loves those who help themselves – so I helped myself to a nomination and Here it is: my Christmas themed self indulgence fest.

Let’s talk about me…….

Favourite festive food: Where to start? Bring it all on. Christmas morning croissants and champagne at bezzie mates. Christmas dinner with ALL the trimmings, Christmas pudding. Yup. I love it all. I don’t even mind doing all the cooking. If I have a lot of people to cook for then that means that I have all my favourite people around me. What’s not to love? This year I’m going a little bit away from our traditional smoked salmon for a starter and going with beef carpaccio, also known as food of the Gods or manna from heaven.  Nomnomnomnomnomnom. I feel a bit sick now 😦

Favourite Christmas drink: Can I have two? Advocaat should be made compulsory at Christmas and then banned for the rest of the year. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without thick, gloopy, weirdly tasting advocaat mixed with dry ginger. Then there’s the Christmas sherry. I quite like a nice dry sherry. I wouldn’t normally drink it but when I do I can’t stop myself from saying in a shrill voice at regular intervals, “More sherry, vicar?” as I hold out my glass for a refill.

Favourite reindeer: Hhhmm. It has got to be Rudolph as the rest of them are a set of two faced, laughing, name calling  bitches. I hate bullies.

Favourite day of Christmas: All of them, starting in mid December.  In the last week I have foraged a tree from the garden to paint and decorate with icicles and snowflakes, I’ve foraged twigs and ivy to make a Christmas tree. Tomorrow I’ll be making my table decorations from leylandii and wine bottles. Christmas is a crafter’s dream! I  love the run up to it, I love the excitement, the gift buying and wrapping, the cooking, the visiting, the chaos, the giving and receiving of gifts, the meaning of Christmas. I’m not a church goer now but have some very deep seated beliefs, which is why I get so pissed off when people get all politically correct and start referring to it as ‘the holidays’. It’s a Christian celebration. Christ – mas, the clue is in the name. Got it? *catches rant before it starts*  I suppose my favourite day has to be the day itself but only by a whisker.  Did I mention I love it?

Favourite Christmas song: Easy peasy. It’s the one Douggie the doggie and me danced to at the dog club party last year. Louis Armstrong’s Zat you Santa Clause? I can’t help but smile when I hear it and Louis Armstrong has a special little place in my heart anyway.

Favourite Christmas present: Another easy one. Although I’ve had many, many brilliant presents over the years, the one that springs to mind is the Sindy doll I got as a little girl. It was in the days before that long legged and big boobed American imposter, barbie really caught on here. I loved my Sindy doll and was distraught when my little brother pulled her head off on Boxing Day.

Favourite Christmas film: Ok, ok, I know I’m supposed to say “It’s a Wonderful Life’ but it aint. It’s Elf. Ok? There, I said it in public.

Favourite Christmas tv advert: It’s caused a lot of controversy but I love the Sainsbury’s advert about the first world war ceasefire on Christmas day. I wonder how many people realise that it’s a true story? It makes me cry every time I see it.

Favourite Christmas decoration:  As my daughter can tell you, I fall in love with anything rustic. My absolute favourite decoration is a rustic fairy dressed in brown and gold with long golden hair….Oh. But then there’s my collection of Father Christmas’s I love all of them, tricky to choose.  This year’s favourite? My big balls. Haha. Oo-er missus! I bought some giant balls for the tree. Every tree needs giant balls. Doesn’t that just paint a great picture in your head?

Favourite festive tradition: Well, every year follows pretty much the same routine. Brekkie with bezzie, drinks at Len’s mum and dad’s, everyone round to ours for pressies and dinner. That’s the way I like it so I have to say my favourite tradition is all of it!  Don’t even get me started on why anyone would go for a curry on Christmas day. That’s just bizarre. One year we went to a restaurant for Christmas dinner. It snowed, it was beautiful, there was lovely music, no bickering, the atmosphere was brilliant, the meal was so much better than I could have cooked. It was all wrong, wrong, wrong. Christmas should be at home with the family.  Which brings me to….

Place to spend Christmas: See above.

So there it is, my perfect Christmas. If you’re still here, thank you for indulging me. I’m in a much better mood now. Time for a snooze on the settee while I watch Elf again. When you get a minute, why don’t you tell me all about your perfect Christmas?

The law of attraction

Do you believe in the law of attraction?

The idea that whatever it is you really focus on the universe will provide, good or bad.  It might be that you unconsciously change how you do things or your attitude to life generally. I don’t know how it works but my experience has been that it does. I’ve been lucky enough to have been surrounded by many positive, inspiring  and enlightened people in my life. Hard working people who don’t believe that anything is given to them on a plate and who are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. I have always found these people very easy to be around and over the years some of their positive energy must have rubbed off onto me. Ooh, I love a bit of positive thinking, me!

What am I on about? Well, dear reader, let me tell you.

There have been some strange things occurring at Boofuls Towers recently. Doors have been closing and other doors opening in a very timely fashion clearing the path for our big adventure, the details of which I’ll share with you soonish. Suffice for now just to say that there are some major life changes on their way for us.

Right out of the blue Boofuls and I have both taken phone calls from agents asking us if we want to sell our respective businesses, exactly at the time we have spoken extensively to each other about doing just that.

About a month ago, I was doing a lot of soul searching  about whether it was time to  retire from photography. As much as I  love doing what I do I felt it needed to go in order to make space for our new adventure.  Well, blow me down, just a few days after our discussion about it I got an email saying that my baby photography contract was being changed. For the worse. Decision made!  The universe provided me a get out clause. All I have to do now is see the clients I have now through to the end and then I won’t be a photographer any more. Gosh! That seems strange.

Boofuls and I are changing direction and going down a different path and it’s all starting to feel like it’s moving from a dream to a plan, a plan that’s rapidly gathering momentum.  Exciting and scary at the same time, like a roller coaster. Not that I’ve ever been on a proper roller coaster, I’m far too much of a wuss for that. The most exciting ride I’ve ever been on is the caterpillar ride at Camelot with the babies from nursery when Lashes was little.

Pop back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about yesterday’s very, very weird day.






School has changed a bit since my day.

I was reading the news in t’interweb this morning, well, you know, the bits that make me laugh or are interesting. You can keep the blood, gore, terrorism, murder and politics. In my humble opinion that is no way to start or end your day.

Years ago I made the decision to adopt a head in the sand approach to the awful stuff that goes on in the world and just pretend it isn’t happening. I can’t change it or stop it happening, I only get upset and depressed by it so I don’t  subject myself to it any more.

I made the decision after being woken up by my radio alarm clock one morning and the very first words I heard that day were ‘suicide bomber.’ Like I said, no way to start the day.   I immediately changed stations to classic FM and changed the alarm time so it didn’t coincide with the news.

The next day I woke up thinking I was dead and I’d gone to heaven because the very first thing I heard that day was angels singing. It was joyful, uplifting and I started the day with a big smile on my face. That’s how you start a day.

So. Back to today. While I was browsing, I saw this and it really made me laugh, especially the bit with the kitchen staff. Brilliant! Enjoy.


The times they are a changing

Folks don’t like change. ‘This is how it’s always been and it’s always been ok. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’



It’s taken me a long time to realise that Boofuls and me are being dragged kicking and screaming into some major changes in our life.

At the moment I’m not liking them very much. I liked my life the way it was, thank you.  Can I have it back, please?

Apparently not.

So, rather than fight it. I’m going to embrace it. Bring those changes on!

Actually, it’s quite a relief to be able to say I’m ready to let our old life go and see what the future brings.

Whatever it does bring, Boofuls and I will stand shoulder to shoulder and face it together as we always have.

Do you know what? Now I’ve actually written that down I feel so much more positive about things and rather empowered by it all. That’s got to be better than the crushing feelings of panic and despair that have been overwhelming me lately.

Wish us luck on our new journey.




I’m awake.

Whaaaa….?  Watimeizzit?

Half past four? In the morning? Jeez, I never knew there was such a time, I always thought it was a myth.

I’ll roll over and go back to sleep.

It sounded like a plan. Sleep, however,  had other ideas;

O sleep! O gentle sleep!
Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down
And steep my senses in forgetfulness?

And so I lay in my bed counting sheep ad infinitum while knowing full well that slumber had got a better offer and left me to my own devices. After half an hour or so the best plan seemed to be to get up and start work. So I did.

I worked like a woman possessed, a maniac, a whirling dervish on a mission. My God, I’m even up to date with this years accounts. I wouldn’t normally start them till next august!

So where did this energy come from?

Well, the answer to that comes earlier, the previous day, in fact.

We attended, as we do so many times a year, a wedding fayre. Nothing new there,  except that it was the last of this season and the last ever –  for us.

That might seem like business suicide as 90% of the business comes from wedding fayres but I’ve had a niggle for some time that it’s time to explore other avenues.  I was sad to say goodbye to the other exhibitors who have become friends over the years and at the same time worried and scared about what the future is going to bring but  sometimes you have to let something go in order to pick something else up.

My gut feeling tells me it’s the right decision. I’m not sure Boofuls agrees with me but as normal he is supporting me completely.

So when I woke up in the early hours I felt released, energised, excited, scared and full of ideas for our future – and you know what. I think it’s looking rosy!