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Back to normal?

It’s pretty much all over now so it’s time to get myself back on the weightwatchers no points soup and fresh fruit for the foreseeable future. Ah well it was nice while it lasted.

Of course all the countdown to New Year programmes have started I’ve never been the biggest fan of New Year, too many grim childhood memories to make it an enjoyable occasion – but we won’t dwell on that. Christmas has always been the biggest thing for me and I’ve mananged to pass that down onto my family as well.

Talking of family, we all got together for Christmas pie the other night. All the left over turkey as well as a gammon joint and sausages went into a huge pie with a rich bechamel sauce and covered with lovely buttery, shorter than short pastry all made by my own fair hand. I was quite proud of it even if I do say so myself.

Pastry is a funny thing, isn’t it. I find people can either make it well – or they can’t. My Mum made fantastic cakes and was a brilliant coook but turning out a good pastry always eluded her. I can make decent pastry but cakes? Nah.  Usually heavy and flat. I’d rather make a pie any day.

Which are you best at, cake or pastry?

I took a few photos of the table before people arrived:

And after they left:


This next one was me after the clean up operation:

It was a brilliant night but I was exhausted after it.


The prize for the person with the funniest decorations this year goes to Bezzy Mate:



Snory story

Here’s a little snory story for you to keep you going till I can write a proper post about our lovely romantic anniversary dinner last night.

Since weeknights have become a no alcohol zone in our house in an effort to econimise, lose weight and generally get healthy, I’ve noticed a welcome but totally unexpected side effect. Boofuls no longer spends most nights snoring and I no longer spend most nights cursing, digging him in the ribs and shouting at him to ‘”Turn over and SHUDDUP!!” Usually followed by, “Right! That’s it! You’re p***ing me off now. Go and sleep in the spare room.”

Peace, perfect peace. I’m loving it. I’m loving getting up in the morning and not spending half the morning trying to get my poor brain out of it’s sleep deprived fog.

Weekends, however are the perfect reason to open a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc and partake of a wee drinkie.

Last Friday night, sauvignon blanc-ed to a nice fuzzy level, Boofuls and me retired to our bed.

Sure enough, within a few seconds – yes, that wasn’t a typo I did mean seconds, how that man can fall asleep so fast is beyond me. It’s like turning off a light – Boofuls was asleep and snoring gently. I’d decided to read a couple of chapters of my latest Harry Potter.

Within a few seconds the snore fest had begun and the volume level began to rise. Soon it was reverberating around the bedroom and I was starting to suffer from  sense of humour failure.

Now you may or may not know that I’m not a woman known for my tolerance. I let the cacophany continue for a few minutes with the occasional “shuddup” or “turn over”. It was obvious he was dreaming by the twitching and muttering that was going in in between the snores but I soon got bored of  listening to it and as normal announced. “Right! That’s it. You’re p***ing me off now, go and sleep in the spare room.”

He jumped, grunted and in the most pathetic voice you can imagine said, ” I can’t. I don’t know where it is.”

Oh how that tickled my funny bone! I was apopleptic with laughter and stuffing the duvet into my mouth in an attempt to not laugh out loud and wake him up too much.

” Well, love. Get out of bed, turn right, open the door and walk up the landing and it’s the first door on the right.”  By now I thought he’d be fully woken up and noticing my sarcastic tone but instead he thanked me gratefully for my directions, got up and went on his way!

I laid there laughing till the tears poured down my face and my stomach ached.  The following morning he didn’t remember a single thing about it.