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Raindrops keep falling on my head

One of my Mum’s very favourite songs.

It’s one of two that I can’t listen to without getting all wistful, the other one is Daydream Believer. Our dance teacher once played Raindrops keep Falling On My Head, shortly after Mum had died and it caused me to burst into an unstoppable flood of tears. “Take it off, take it off.” Lashes implored him as I fell apart in the ballroom. The poor bloke wondered what the hell was going on.

I can listen to it now without crying, it brings back nice memories of my Mum singing it on a lovely family holiday in Lesvos one year. Music is unbelievably emotive, isn’t it?

It’s been stuck in my head for a different reason today though, the raindrops are actually falling – in their gazillions. The roads have turned into rivers and as I type this I have towels soaking up the water that’s pouring into the house under the patio doors. So much rain! I can’t remember when we last had this much rain. Even the ducks are sheltering. Torrential isn’t in it – and now a nice 50mph wind has come along to join it. You have to love an English summer!

So. For your wet Friday afternoon pleasure here it is:

Still on the subject of rain. The bride and groom from a couple of weeks ago came to view their proofs this morning. There’s was the wet wedding. The poor bride had had plans for us to photograph them all having a champagne breakfast on the terrace and photos of her with the dogs and the horses but the weather put paid to all that. She was brilliant on the day and just got on with enjoying it but I knew she was a bit disappointed.

I’d already made my mind up that if she was up for it we’d get her all dressed up again when the weather was nice and do the shots at the farm as she originally wanted. Ok, it won’t be her actual wedding day but they’ll be a nice keepsake. When they walked in with a nice big bottle of Bailey’s for us before they’d even seen their photographs the deal was done. This is my kind of couple! I’m pleased to report that they loved their photos. Especially the rainy ones.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up my new (to me) car. Yay! I’m really excited about it as the one I have now has been troublesome in the extreme. I’ll be glad to see they back of it. Not so much a Grand Vitara and a Crap Vitara. So if you see a nice blue Honda 4WD zooming round the lanes of a grim and rainy Lancashire tomorrow and the driver has a big silly grin on her face – that’ll be me!

Barking mad

Taking Mrs Woofy for a walk in the rain and the wind yesterday, we arrived at a grim and miserable looking playing field, the rain was sweeping across the ground and it was deserted apart form a couple of other hard core dog walkers, like me dressed from head to foot in waterproof clothing and the obligatory  large furry hat with ear flaps that makes me look extraordinarily like Deputy Dawg. Strangely enough, everyone else looks ok in theirs, it’s just me who looks like a dweeb.

Taking my place in the dog walking circuit, I  trudged round for forty minutes while the dog sniffed, ran, investigated and made a couple of new friends. Before we headed back we  did a little bit of obedience training in readiness for our first class of the year on Thursday.  Even though the rain lashed into my eyes and the wind stuck his cold fingers on my neck, trying to to find a way in past my many layers it was worth it because  the dog performed perfectly. Responding to my every command quickly and smoothly. Genius dog. It was worth braving the weather for. How I wished we were in a competition at that moment, she’d have won it, hands (paws) down!

When I got home I was recounting the story to Big N about how brilliant the dog had been,  particularly  at her recall command. “I don’t need to shout, we do it by signals. I lift both arms in the air like so” , I said as I lifted both arms up, “Then I drop one arm  like so and move it to the side so she knows to come to heel and not in front of me. Brilliant, eh?”

Big N looked at me thoughtfully. “Right. So what you’re saying is that when you’re in a public place and the dog is miles away you basically stand alone in the middle of a field and do the YMCA dance? Bet that attracts attention.”

Mmm, never though about that. Maybe a voice command  might be better after all. Thanks, Big N.

All this praise and rapture about how fantastic the dog is in direct contrast to Monday night at agility training where she was a royal pain in the arse. Dashing  away mid circuit  to snack on the delicious and nutritious goodness that is the pile of horse poo in the corner of the training ring. Many and varied were my futile attempts to get her to come back, calling her name and following her round as she skipped just out of reach every time I got near enough to grab her were just two of my dog retrieval techniques. GGrrrfeckingggggrrrr!!

Dagnabbit dog! Why can’t you disobey me in private and obey me in public?

Twice on Monday she was thrown out of the ring for running round like something demented, drooling and smiling her stupid big doggy smile  instead of completing the set tasks.

Once she was finally caught, I silently clipped up back and led out of the ring she realised she was in serious trouble and gave me the old sad eye. ‘I’m sorry,’ her big brown eyes said, imploring me to give her a cuddle. ‘I won’t do it again.’ And I fell for it! What a fool!

Back into the ring we went and we repeated the whole palarver again. I could have brained her but instead I clipped her back up and led her away silently. This time she knew I was really not amused at her shenanigans. Head bowed, tail between her legs and eyes begging me to forgive her, we did the long walk of shame back to the waiting area. The frustration must have been coming off me in waves and Mrs Woofy well and truly picked up on my mood. She didn’t even try to coerce Miss Yappy to play with her, she just came and sat as close to me as she could get, looking up at me with those liquid brown eyes. Those eyes act on me like Kryptonite does on Superman. As soon as I see them looking at me, I lose all my power and start to melt.

“Right, one more go then.”

As if to atone for her previous behaviour, and to prove that she really knew all along what to do, she completed the course perfectly and in record time. When she finished she came running up to me, tail wagging, leaping all over me in delight, “See, told you I could do it,” she seemed to be saying.

The dog knew she’d done good and  claimed her reward, a nice big cuddle and a delicious scooby snack.

I bet I could get her to jump through hoops of fire if they just made dog treats out of horse poo.

Put the ark on hold!

Can you flippin’ Adam and Eve it?

Since it hasn’t stopped throwing it down since Friday I decided that I’d better start building an ark, I mean it was looking really serious, I don’t think I’ve ever known such heavy rain for such a long period. There was serious danger of drowning just walking to the car.

Well!  I only goes and buys in all the wood, get up this morning and it’s bloody stopped raining! Can you believe that?! What am I going to do with all this wood now?

Wood for the Ark

Hhhmmph. I suppose Boofuls could use it to fix the floor in the studio. It went a bit spongy and springy in places after our burst pipe at new year.

I was a but surprised yesterday morning when the builder (different one) turned up wearing a sou’ wester to start work on the patio. Crikey. A builder turning up when they’re due is notable enough but one turning up to work in the rain is almost miraculous. I shouldn’t have got too excited though, he only dropped off his cement mixer and left again.

Yesterday afternoon I spent in the studio carrying out tests on one of my cameras and various flash guns. I’ve been aware of a problem for some time when I’ve been using the flash and now I’ve worked out it’s the electronics on the camera that’s the issue. NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!  How expensive it that going to be to fix?

That reminds me. At a recent wedding I think it’s fair to say some of the guests were getting a bit merry. While I was shooting some candids one of the guests suggested that he take a photo of me. ‘Oh bloody hell’, I thought,  never happy about letting my camera out of my hands.  Anyway, I let him have a go, making sure the strap was safely round his neck,  and this was the result:

Wedding party

I have absolutely no idea where that hand came from!!  It’s fair to say that we had a good laugh that day but I’m glad all weddings aren’t like that, my nerves couldn’t stand it. I never knew what was going to happen next! Got some good, if unpublishable, photos though.

Oh! Hang on! It’s raining again. I’d better go and crack on building that ark.


Over the rainbow

The Wednesday walk was brilliant yesterday. A good, two hour yomp around Pleasington. This week there were no dogs or beginners to slow us down so it was full speed ahead. The half a mile of ankle deep cow muck/mud that we had to wade through wasn’t fantastic though. More than one person lost a shoe in it or had it pour in over the top of their boots. Luckily, I wasn’t one of them.  The walk leader’s ears must have been burning as there were plenty of dark mutterings aimed in his general direction for leading us through it.

It was a gorgeous, golden and warm,  albeit humid evening. A bit of a breeze would have been nice but you can’t have everything. As we walked we could see there was a thunderstorm brewing in the distance. We watched  the sky turn to that wonderful slate grey and yellowy colour  that you only see during a thunderstorm and it contrasted beautifully with the sunlight and the shadows dancing on the field around us.  If we hadn’t been walking so fast I’d have stopped to get photos of it.

We could hear the thunder rumbling away. It was God’s stomach rumbling because he’s waiting for his dinner is what my Mum used to say.  Well, I don’t know about that – what I did know was that there was a grave danger of getting the second good dousing of the day.

A light rain started to fall as we were about half a mile away from the end of the walk.   As we passed the railway station I spotted this gorgeous rainbow. I couldn’t see that it was a double rainbow until I downloaded the photos.

Rainbow over Pleasington
Double rainbow

Did I mention I’d hot a lomo app for my iphone. I did?  Oh well, this is what it did to the rainbow.  Incidentally, all of these are pretty much straight out of the camera, not bad for a phone.

Lomo app rainbow

After stopping for a couple of minutes to take a few photos of the rainbow and railway we headed back to our cars to make our way home.

Within seconds the heavens opened and torrents of water descended from the skies.  The drive home was interesting to say the least. As I arrived home B and N were both waiting for me at the front door with big grins on their faces expecting to see a drowned rat get out the car.  I think they were a bit disappointed when I told them I’d just missed the downpour.

You have to love a Lomo app

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Isn’t it funny how language changes so fast?  It’s probably not even two years ago when I didn’t even know what an ‘app’ was and now it’s in my every day speech.

What’s that you’re saying?  Never mind the app?  What’s a lomo?

Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked that. A lomo is a type of cheap, plastic, Russian camera that let’s in light and gives totally unpredictable results. If you’re a camera technician, you’ll hate it. If, like me, you like things to be a bit unpredictable then you’ll love it. If you want to know more about lomo cameras then click here.

Anyway, last week I bought the lomo app for my iphone and I LOVE IT!!!   Now of course it makes me want a real lomo camera even more.

Here are a few pics from mine and poochies very soggy walk this afternoon.

Darwen Moors
Fence and view across Darwen

The picture above was taken without using the lomo effect.

Fence with lomo

And this one with it.

Darwen Tower

Ok, you couldn’t shoot a whole wedding with a lomo camera *thinks*….or maybe you could……..nah, I’d never get away with it.  But it did cross my mind that I could do a whole project on ‘Darwen through a lomo lens’  That’d be great!! I’ve been lacking some artistic focus lately.  What a brilliant way to kick start my creative juices again.  Oooohh, I’m excited now!!!  of course I’ll have to get a proper lomo. not just use the app. But why? Using the app alone would be a good project.  Andy Warhol  did a whole series of photos in photo booths. In isolation they were crap (did I say that out loud?) but as a whole series it became really interesting.

Sounds like the start of a project!!!

These three below are just normal photos from our walk. It started to rain about two minutes after we set off, lashed it down for an hour and then we dried off for the last half an hour. By the time we got back to the car the sun was shining again.

Distant darwen Tower
Stormy Weather
soggy doggy

Good Morning

The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze blowing and it’s very, very nice out today which is in direct contrast to yesterdays annual barbeque when it started to rain about a minute after we left home and continued to rain for the rest of the day.  Oh how I wish I hadn’t worn my brand new silk peep toe sandals. Having to park the car in a field a couple of hundred yards away didn’t help either, the long grass meant they were soaked within seconds, by the time we were ready to go home there was a severe danger of trench foot. Oh well.

Despite it all we had a brilliant time, we took the clingons with us, C , B and the baby came as well and we met up with some friends  we only ever get to see at these social functions. I have photos, I’ll post them this afternoon.

Plan for today?  Nothing terribly exciting. A couple of print orders which I’m about to get on with so this will be a short post, babysitting and dog walking this afternoon followed by dog agility class tonight. Should be fun, I’m looking forward to that. Hope my back holds out,

More later, byeeeeeee.