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Blog it!

I’ve been sitting here at my desk for a few minutes now wondering what I can write about now that I have the time to write.

Of course my head is blank. All I’ve done for the last two weeks is sleep, not a lot to write about there then.

Such is my blankness that I’ve even googled ‘ideas for a blog post’

Hhhmmm, let’s see…

1. Run a contest. I don’t know how to do that.

2. Review a book. Ooh, I can do that, I’ve just finished reading ‘the girl on the train’. Dammit, I’ve forgotten most of it. It’s about a girl on a train and it was obviously not that memorable.

3. Criticise a website/blog/person. No!! How mean can you get? Remember the old adage – If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.

4. Tell a secret. Ok. I scoffed a load of shortbread biscuits last night and spent all night farting. It was like the Trumpet Voluntary in my bedroom. I was offensive to myself.


It said tell a secret. That was a secret, I haven’t told anyone else about it. Actually, I did. I told my friend Fiz about it earlier while we were chatting in the queue at a coffee shop about bowel movements, or in her case, lack of them.

5.Post a cool infographic. What’s an infographic?

6. Sing a song. Ok………………Did you enjoy it?

7. Share your blogs income and traffic info. £0.00 and 4 viewers today. Wow! Record breaking.

8. Post a picture.

Full English breakfast
Full English breakfast

9. Post an obvious lie. I’m a BBC newsreader and a size 10.

10.Share food recipes. Ok. here’s my recipe for my yummy breakfast pots that I serve to the guests. Mix together, oats, almond milk, honey and vanilla extract. Leave to soak overnight. Into the bottom of small kilner jars I put various fruits, strawberry and blueberry being a favourite. Stewed apple works really nicely with it and sometimes I mix peanut butter into the oat mix and slice banana into the kilner jar. I might put cocoa into the oat mix and put mandarins in the jar, anything you like really. They are very tasty, gluten and dairy free and filling. My friend who has a B&B up the road says I serve my guests cold porridge and stewed fruit. I suppose he’s not wrong. Enjoy.

Breakfast pots
Breakfast pots

I think these were chocolate and cherry.

So there you are. Theres’ my ‘no post ideas’ post.

Did you enjoy it?


A what pie?

Butter? A pie made of  butter? Are you making this up?

So went the conversation between Lashes’ new beau, The Prof and his colleagues at the school where he teaches.

It seems that they’ve been inspired by the great big bake off, or whatever that programme about baking cakes is called, and every week they have a bake off.

Usually the cakes and pastries are light, fluffy and delicate. The Prof mentioned about butter pie and all hell broke loose.

Is this a northern oik thing? Is it  a lard pie? What does it contain, just butter? The questions kept on coming until one bright spark suggested that there was no such thing and The Prof was simply making it up, therefore backing him into the corner of having to prove that such a thing existed. “Right! Right!  I’ll bring one in for you.”

That, dear reader was when I entered the plot.

” Lesley…..do you think you could…?

So that was how I came to be making the  Lancashire delicacy, butter pie. Although the word ‘delicate’ is a bit of a misnomer really as you can feel the fat forming on your hips as soon as you look at the thing. Nothing with  name like ‘butter pie’ was going to come under the heading of healthy eating now, was it?

The pie was duly made and delivered for judgement. It was judged to be a success!

So what exactly is a butter pie?

Pretty much as the name suggests. The principal ingredient is butter, along with potatoes, pepper, onion and a puff pastry crust.

Just in case you feel like making this deliciously naughty, once a year treat which melts in the mouth and lands on your bum, here is the lazy person’s recipe. You may note that it isn’t the most exact recipe you’ve ever followed.

You will need: A few potatoes, an onion or two, a huge dollop of butter, plenty of salt and pepper, ready made puff pastry.

Method: Peel and chop the potatoes and onions.  Add copious amounts of salt and white pepper.

Boil together until soft with a huge dollop of butter.

Strain most of the liquid off and transfer the mixture to a pie dish, using  a potato masher squish it all down a little bit to crush the potatoes, just  so it is nicely mushed but not smooth and dot with yet more butter. Season a bit more if needed.

The picture isn't mine. It belongs to: https://spacecudette.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/vegan-butter-pie/
The picture isn’t mine. It belongs to: https://spacecudette.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/vegan-butter-pie/

Add the puff pastry lid, brush with milk and cook in a hot oven until the pastry crust is lovely and golden.

So there it is; delicious butter pie. Don’t set the healthy eating police on to me, I’m not suggesting you eat it every day. Enjoy!



Are you sure?

Bit of an unusual day yesterday in that I had the urge to do some baking.

That’s unusual on it’s own but even more so due to the fact that I’ve had a major dose of lurgy (thanks for that, clingon no.1 ) and have been miserably sneezingly and coughingly, (quite often at the same time), splutteringly, freezingly, boilingly, headachingly, eardrum itchingly (is that only me or does anyone else get it as an early warning signal?) nose runningly, cotton wool brainingly  and sore throatingly struggling through the week.

Most of yesterday I spent weak as a kitten on the settee, groaning and waiting to death to release me before my 4pm appointment with a wedding couple.  Lemsipped up to the eyeballs I managed to get through that meeting without being too obviously ill.

We’d made plans for Lashes and Len to come over for tea (dinner, to you posh folks). My common sense head told me it was a stupid idea but my over ambitious, lemsipped brain whispered, ‘Nah, go on, it’ll be ok.’

So this is where the baking comes in. “I’ll make some brownies for pudding, that’s a nice easy dessert.”

I got a recipe from the internet, gathered all the ingredients together and set about weighing.  Oopsie. My brilliant retro scales that I got at Samlesbury Hall last year measure in pounds and ounces and my recipe was in grams.

I know it’s an easy conversion, even for a mathsophobe like me. 28 grams to 1 ounce. Round it down to 25 grams and Bob’s yer uncle. Easy, everything works, right?


I stood and scratched my brain trying to work it all out, writing it down and getting Boofuls to check my conversions were correct. Yup, I know I could have looked on the internet or got a calculator- cotton wool brain, remember?

Boofuls, ‘Mr Maths is is fun’  looked. Scratched his brain trying to work it out.

It just didn’t seem right. 65 g flour, 250 g butter, Huh?  360 grams sugar 360?  Hang on 360 g that’s …*works out on fingers, not enough fingers so removes shoes and socks*…..That’s over 12  ounces! That can’t be right!!

We worked it out again. And again, And again.  I double checked the recipe.

That’s correct.

Bloody hell! It’s all fat and sugar!

Oh well, I’m bored with it now, let’s go for it. Mixing it all together and shoving it in the oven I had no high hopes of it turning out nice at all but I was really past caring.

What I expected to find when I opened the oven door at the end of the prescribed cooking time was an unctuous, claggy mess of greasy, chocolatey goo.

What came out of the oven was a crispy on top, gooey in the middle dish of chocolatey goodness. I couldn’t believe my eyes – if only I could taste anything I’m sure it would have been delicious.

The hhhm’s around the table when I served it were a good sign. None got left.

So, now that I know exactly what goes into these things I most definitely won’t be making them again. They’re tasty  little squares of obesity  and heart attacks waiting to happen!

What happened to the good old formula for cakes we learnt in school. 2 z fat, 2oz  sugar 4oz flour. That I can handle.