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Royal wedding afternoon tea

Ok, we don’t live on a street so there was never going to be a street party but we did manage a very passable afternoon tea in honour of the royal wedding, even managing to sit outside because although it was as windy as a windy thing it was coming from the north east so the house made a lovely windbreak, allowing us to enjoy the sunshine.

Earlier in the day, Len and Lashes had turned up about two minutes to 11.00am, just as the wedding was about to begin, with Lashes all flustered and cross that no one was bothered about watching the wedding except her. She plonked herself down next to me to watch it.

At about one minute past 11.00, the client turned up. Complaining that no one was interested in watching the wedding except her. We invited her to come and watch so she gratefully  plonked herself down next to Lashes to watch it, leaving her poor bewildered new husband to fend for himself. He eventually gave in and sat down as well to watch it.

Once the wedding was over, the clients, Len and Lashes left. Boofuls busied himself in the garden creating our new pergola while I busied myself in the kitchen preparing for our planned, very English  afternoon tea.

At the appointed hour all the family turned up and everyone tucked into the delicate cucumber,  smoked salmon  and ham sandwiches,  sausage rolls (or as Munki calls them; sockage rolls) , scones with jam and cream, chocolate bread, malt loaf, trifle, strawberries and cream and of course Bucks Fizz to toast the Royal newlyweds.

What a lovely afternoon.  The food was polished off amazingly quickly, I was even asked for my scone recipe (thanks, Delia).   Everyone thought that we should have a proper afternoon tea on a regular basis as it’s all very civilised and lovely. Well, you know, as civilised and lovely as my family can be!!

When we were children my Mum often used to make afternoon tea on a Sunday, high tea, we called it then. It was nice. I think we should have afternoon tea more often.

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Amazingly, I  managed to get a rare photo of big N. Not looking terribly happy about it though. I really must remember to tell him that cameras don’t actually steal your soul.

The kids and Len were there as well but somehow they managed to escape the camera. I think they were playing with the dogs weaving poles.

As you can see, a good time was had by all – except Mrs Woofy.  She came a cropper on a walk out with the dog club last week when some unknown dog decided to take a £2 coin sized junk out of her side. Gembolina has been marinading her in honey at the vets request and it’s all looking much better now.

If only she could work how how to navigate with that cone on her head. She bumps into everything and I can tell you it doesn’t half hurt when she runs full tilt into your legs with that thing on.


Royal Wedding Day

So, despite all my best efforts, Prince William is marrying the wrong commoner.

It was always my plan that he’d marry Lashes. I mean, as princes go he’s not a bad catch  is he? Good looking, a bit more grounded than some other members of his family, fabulously wealthy and terribly well connected.  I don’t know where my plan went wrong but it’s too late to cry over spilt milk now. Sigh.

After today  I expect that “Royal Fever’ will calm down a bit and we can get on with our lives again without being bombarded with the same stuff over and over again?  Even though I have made a point of avoiding most of the hype it’s impossible to avoid it completely. I even saw a house yesterday with ‘William and Kate’ bunting.  It really is beyond a joke, and that’s from me who considers herself a Royalist! Those with no time for the Royal family must be royally sick and tired of it all now.

As for Zadok the Priest. For the love of God, find a different bit of music to play, please. There is more than one bit of august music you could choose as background music for your endless clips of previous Royal weddings. What about, for instance, ‘I’ve got a loverly bunch of coconuts’?

We had plans for afternoon tea on the lawn (field) this afternoon, our version of a street party. The weather isn’t really playing ball though, it’s nice and sunny but a bit windy. Hhhmm actually, saying it’s a bit windy is a bit of an understatement. It’s blowing a gale.  Oh well.

Of course with my normal impeccable planning I’ve arranged for a client to pick up her album at exactly 11.00 a.m.  That album has been hanging about  here for  weeks waiting to be collected. Of course this time when I send yet another email to remind her it’s here she replies instantly for once.

“Ooh yes, I’ll come tomorrow.” I was so shocked, I agreed, forgetting all about my plans to spend the day glued to the telly and waving my little Union flag around. (Anyone who refers to it as  the Union Jack, give yourselves a sound slapping. Anyone who knows why gets a small amount of kudos).  What a dope.  Tsk.

We had a client due to view the proofs from their photo shoot last night. They were due at 7pm but because they’d arrived for the shoot half an hour early I decided to get to the studio good and early, just in case. 7pm came and went, 7.15 and 7.30. BORED!!!

Eventually we managed, after a lot of faffing about, to get hold of her.

“I thought you were coming here, to our house.” She says.

Why? Why on earth would she think that?

Fair enough though they got in their car and came straight to the studio and were there, all thirteen of them in a few minutes.  Considering it was such a large crowd they got their photos picked in record time. Amazing. I wish they were all like that.

That little snippet of information has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s Royal wedding, I just thought I’d share it.

Congratulations to William and Kate.

Right. I’m off now to get organised.

*Sings* I’ve got a lovely bunch o’ coconuts……….