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Beautiful dog and stormy clouds


Old age is creeping up on me

I have to keep saying, “Boofuls, stop creeping up on me!”

Oh ok, what I really meant was I’m gradually falling to bits. Now at the stage of needing different sets of glasses for computer work and reading, and soon I suspect for driving as well, I made the mistake yesterday of shoving my computer glasses into my fleece pocket.

Well, what a silly thing to do. Half the day has been spent searching for those buggers. Finally, I sat down and retraced my steps. Is that an oxymoron? I think it must be.

What I meant was; I sat down and mentally retraced my steps.

Gave Munki a bath. Opened the door to washing machine repair man. Cut Munki’s toenails. Ha! I need glasses for that. What was I wearing? BINGO! Fleece pocket.

Old age is definitely creeping up on me.

Several times this week I’ve walked into a room and been caught standing there with a bemused look on my face trying to remember why I’d walked in there so purposefully. I need a holiday.

Waddya mean, I’ve just had one?  That was weeks ago. I need another.

Can you believe that we’ve had Velcrodog for a whole year? Where did that time go? Here’s a photo I took last week while  testing the studio lights. He’s a good model, just look at that cheesy grin.


Oh crap. Just  had another senior moment. I’m supposed to be uploading a file to someone. Gggaaah. Have to dash. Bbbyyeeeeee.