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A walk on the wild side

here are just a few photos from this morning’s lovely, windy, cold and snowy walk on the moors with Mrs Woofy:

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Well, aint that just typical?

All my lovely snow disappeared just after Christmas, leaving the days as gloomy as a 4o watt light bulb ever since, and now – at 5.30 a.m. on the day everyone is back at work and ready for settling in to their new year routines – the snow is back with a vengeance. Tsk. Typical!

I’ve been watching it snow, with that  sense of awe and wonder  that I always get when I see it snowing, for about an hour now. It’s ridiculous for a woman of my, ahem, mature years, to get so excited about snow but I just love it. I might have to take an extra days holiday so I can get out  with my camera and shoot a few frames. Actually, that counts as working for me so hahahahaaaaa!!

Since I got stuck in a day early and cleared my desk of all the crap….er..I mean pending work yesterday I feel I deserve a days shooting and since I’m up so early I might just get up on the moors to do it and catch the sunrise. Sounds like a plan!!!

So why am I up so early? The dreaded red wine.  When will I ever learn? At least I didn’t get  cramp this time but I’ve been awake for hours and my nose is running faster than an olympic athlete. Rather than lying in bed tossing, turning and sniffing all night I decided it was better to cut my losses and get up early. Admittedly  5.a.m. is rather earlier than I would have chosen but hey ho – serves me right for drinking red wine again.  Still, look on the bright side, if I hadn’t been drinking red wine I wouldn’t have been awake to watch the snow. I shot this through the window ( so very lazy!!) a few minutes ago:

snowy night

This one was from a few weeks ago when the light was just gaw-jus. It’s the same shot though – almost:


snowy dawn

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

There’s been a bit of a flu epidemic around for a few weeks now, loads of people we know have been struck down with it. Lashes looks like she’s going to be the latest one to succumb to it. She came up last night for a while and sat huddled in a blanket, pale faced and weary, complaining of aches and pains. Oh dear.  Here she is feeling sorry for herself while Len looks on sympathetically:


Baby Bunting, on hearing there was a flu epidemic, decided to take a few preventative measures:


More Snow

I think  I should live in Canada or the North Pole or Norway. Anywhere that has copious amounts of snow every year because I just love it.

The adult in me always says, “Oh no! It’s going to cause chaos.”   We have to change plans, manage with one car, arrange our days round the car, pick up the post from the post office because they won’t come near us once the snow appears.  In short, it causes major disruption to our lives and yet I still love it.

It has the effect of instantly bringing out my inner child (never far from the surface at the best of times). When the snow is falling, as it is now, I can’t stop myself from going over to the window every few minutes to squeal with delight.  The heavier it falls, the louder I squeal. Anyone would think I’d never seen it before.

The weather forecasters seem to know about my love of snow and tease me with it mercilessly. When I take a look at the 5 day forecast, it always seems to be two or three days away. The number of times they’ve promised me snow and then downgraded it to rain or to nothing at all is heartless in the extreme. I’ve written and complained to them that “I WANT MY SNOW. YOU PROMISED ME SNOW!’

They’ve delivered it today, huuuuuuge, white, fluffy drifts or perfect, slippery, dangerous, gorgeous snow.  (Hold on – I have to go and have another look out the window).

In truth I could have done without the howling gale that’s arrived with it but you can’t have everything.  I’m just happy it’s snowing. I’ll be getting my wellies on later and making the most of it before it goes away again.


A few days ago I had occasion to take one of my close friends to the  A & E unit. When I say A & E unit what I really mean is the Portakabin outside the hospital.

Luckily it was early in the afternoon not late in the evening when we might have been privy to the local wino’s daily A & E pantomime. As it was there was  mostly just an assortment of of people, old and young, with  injuries caused by people slipping on ice and smacking bits of themselves against lamposts and the like.

My friend and me sat at one side of the waiting room against a wall and there was a block of chairs separating us from the young man  who caught my eye sat across from us against the opposite wall.  He was shuffling round in his seat quite a lot and making noisy phone calls to a succession of people who seemed not to know who he was, a point that was clearly beginning to frustrate him.  Eventually he gave up on the phone calls and went quiet for a while.

Then he leaned forward in his seat, we thought he was going to be ill so we kept a wary eye on him for any signs of projectile vomit as he was directly opposite us, putting us in his line of fire. The next thing we noticed was that he was holding a bottle down to the floor and I could see that some kind of liquid was being  put into it. “Oh no!! He’s peeing in a bottle’…..is he?   Closer (discreet) inspection revealed that the liquid was pink and sparkling. Probably not pee then.

It turned out he was decanting Rose Lambrini from a large bottle hidden in his coat into a smaller pop bottle so he could swig out of it openly and not get challenged as everyone would think it was pop. Clever eh? I wish I’d thought of it. I could have done with a g & t just about then.  Our emotions ranged from ‘let’s get the hell out of here’ to pity for the young chap who could have been more than 25 years old and was in such a state.

My God, you see life in an A & E unit, don’t you?


I was having a clean up of all my email boxes this morning and I found this one which I’d forgotten about.  It made me laugh, hope it gives you a little chuckle as well. This man has the best name in the world:

Phani Tikkala

It’s probably the moustache that does it.


Then there’s this chap:


You’d probably want him on your side, eh?


It’s beginning to look even more like Christmas

The snow came! Not the huge amounts we were promised an continue to be promised by the Met Office, but it came. When I look at the weather forecast it always says we are due heavy snow tomorrow – and of course tomorrow never comes so it’s always tantalisingly close but never actually makes it.  Still there’s enough to make me and the dog happy and enough to mean Booful’s car is stuck on the drive and my super duper 4WD is working overtime.

This photo is from the University of Dundee and shows just how much of the country is covered:

UK snowfall _50265949_uk_snow_dundeeuni

Some places have even had two feet of snow:

two feet of snow. source: unknown

Here are a few photos, taken on my phone, from our walks over the last couple of days.

Snow, grass, trees
snow, tree
snow, grass

Not that I am likening myself in any way or putting myself in the same league as the great John Chang McCurdy but I am most certainly influenced by his gorgeous snow photographs. They are simple, elegant, moving and very zen like in their simplicity – I can only aspire. Sigh.

Mrs Woofy has certainly been enjoying the snow. She’s been making doggy snow angels and snuffling round in it before setting off at a breakneck speed sending snow everywhere. She’s had so much fun she’s been like a dog with two tails:

dog with two tails

Hang on a minute! She IS a dog with two tails!  How did that happen?  Answers on a postcard please. The correct/best answer or the one that makes me laugh wins.  I’ll tell you how it happened after the closing date of Sunday – whatever time I happen to be blogging.

The only trouble with the snow is that everything grinds to a halt.  Snuggling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watching telly all night is ok once – maybe twice.  To someone like me with the attention span and boredom level of a gnat it quickly becomes tedious.  This week our agility class was cancelled, our dog  obedience class as well as our salsa class and ballroom lesson. Nothing else for it: GET THE SLEDGE OUT!!!

The denizens of Darwen have been busily trimming up over the last month or so. Generally we wait till after big N’s birthday but I’m itching to get on the trimming bandwagon so we’ll be doing it on the 11th, a week earlier than normal. I was a bit surprised to see real christmas trees in the shops by the last week of November. It’d be a dead, bald, glittery skeleton by christmas day.

Boofuls has been busily practicing his Scrooge impression.  He’s been under pressure at work as staff have been dropping like flies and for the first time in years the christmas rush has really been a rush and there is more work than he can keep up with.  Two important warehousemen down the other day, he was on the phone to a customer  who mentioned that The Rev seemed to be under a lot of pressure and he could do with a bit of help.

“I’ll give him the number of the Samaritans,he can ring ’em after work” growled Boofuls, drily.

You’re all heart, mate.

As you know I recently decided to redecorate our bedroom. After everything had been spruced up and pared to within an inch of it’s life, I decided that what was lacking was a picture. I took the orchid from the kitchen and  placed in the bedroom so that it had my newly painted wall behind it with the sun shining through, gently diffused, then I shot a few frames. This is the result. You likey?

white orchids

It looks ace its dark wood frame with an off white mount. I’m quite pleased with my little self.

It’s still quiet

But the visitors have all gone now, Big N and Boofuls have gone to work and I’m supposed to be processing the photos from last weeks wedding reception we shot with the huge bride with no neck. Instead of course I’m chuffing about on here talking to you.

You’ll be glad to hear that the snow has finally arrived. I don’t think there’s much danger of being snowed in as it’s a bit paltry as far as record breaking snowfalls go but it’s enough to keep me happy.  As soon as I’ve got my work done I’ll be out with Mrs Woofy making the most of it.

Talking of Mrs Woofy, the first casualty of the snow was our agility class tonight. That was cancelled before the snow even arrived! Bob got a message on his mobile last night informing us it was cancelled. Why on his mobile? Good question.  Obviously, yet again when I’ve been asked for my number I have automatically given Boofuls.

I’d be hopeless at having an affair – can you just imaging it:  ‘So baby, give me your phone number.  ‘ Oh yes it’s….. and I’d only end up giving then Boofuls number.

We took the sister and her boyfriend to Dunsop Bridge yesterday to have a look at the house we lived in when we first moved north.  It’s always a funny feeling, going back there even though I don’t remember much of it.
What I do remember though is the day I started school, walking up the hill hand in hand with my brother like something off a Hovis advert. I also remember thinking how lovely it was and that when I was a grown up I’d live in the countryside and now I do! Mum was a townie through and through, she absolutely hated Dunsop Bridge and hauled her backside off to the nearest big town at the earliest opportunity.

It’s funny how you just accept things from your childhood as being normal, which of course it was to us. It’s only when you talk with other people and see the look on their faces you realise actually how bizarre it all was. At the risk of turning this post into an episode of Jeremy Kyle I think it’s fair to say that as a family we were more than a lot dysfuntional.

One day I may dig put and write down some of the memories I’ve buried deep in the recesses of my brain.  But then again, why stir up old stuff that wasn’t very pleasant?  Let sleeping dogs lie.

After Dunsop Bridge we went to the Inn  at Whitewell. Being tired and hungover after a whole weekend of partying we decided yet again that we couldn’t cope with our dance practice in a -5 degrees, grim church hall so we snuggled up on the settee, ate chocolate and watched ‘The Fourth Kind’,  A film about alien abduction instead. Apparently a true story, it was a good watch.

The announcer had said at the start  of the film that it would disturb our sleep – and it did. (Wow!!  The power of suggestion!)  I was lying there in my bed, dozing on and off  imagining all sorts of things when suddenly there was a knock at the bedroom door followed by a scratching noise. My blood ran cold.  “They’re coming to get me!!!”  The scratching noise happened again followed by an eerie wail.   Then the penny dropped: “Sodding cat!!!”

I leapt out of bed and opened the door to find the cat staring up at me with his legs crossed.  ‘I need a wee,’ he wailed pitifully.  I let the cat out and then ran back upstairs to the warmth of my bed and settled down for yet more creepy dreams. I really shouldn’t watch these films, Im far too suggestible. And now I’m far too knackered to get on with anything meaningful. Shame really I’ve got loads to do.
OK. Bye for now.

It’s a lemon

Winter seems to be back with a vengeance. I woke up this morning to snow and fog.  It’s been snowing on and off all day since and now it’s so windy the snow is hurtling horizontally past the window.  I thought I saw a cat fly past  a la Toto in the Wizard of Oz but I wasn’t certain and not concerned enough to investigate.

I know you’re all dying to ask if things are getting better yet.

Well. Let me fill you in.


My new car has turned out to be a bit of a lemon. Having been back to the dealer yet again at the weekend he suggested we take it to his repair chappie……you know what? This story is way too long winded and boring so: long story short:

It needs a new clutch and the accelerator cable broke while we were driving through Ossie, one rescue mission by son P, one wild goose chase,  one crappy ‘covers nothing’ warranty, one irate husband and one poxy, dodgy  used car salesman later  saw my car having to be left overnight at the garage and me apopleptic with frustration and fury.  Oh, for the days when we were able to afford new cars.

We’re off out in a minute to see a family with the proofs from their photo shoot on Sunday. It was a great shoot, I’m hoping to get decent sales out of it. Anyway, I’ve just remembered that I need to print out a price list for them so I’d better get on with it.

Back later.  TTFN