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It’s piddling down with rain! All our plans to get on with the garden have been foiled again! Mind you, it’s not like we need to get on with it before summer starts, is it?  Of course we are exhibiting at a wedding fair tomorrow so we won’t get anything done then – and the forecast is lovely. Typical!

We either have the time or the weather but hardly ever both – and when we do have both we’re too knackered to do anything about it.  Oh well, it’ll be a day of lounging around for us today then.

Slightly disappointing day yesterday when I took the kids to the nature reserve. As we walked in to the craft room the teacher looked at us with a wild look in her eye, threw her hands up in the air and announced,”I’m so behind this morning! I haven’t got anything ready yet. It’s been a terrible morning!”

“Never mind,” says I, “we’ll go in the cafe and have a drink while you get ready.”

“That won’t make any difference. The others will be arriving and I’m not ready!”

“Ok then. ” (backing away making placatory gestures before she burst into tears or threw a craft knife at me) “We’ll just wait out the way.”

Deciding that we would  get drinks to take in the class with us we headed over to the cafe anyway. The girls chose  juice, I asked for a cappuccino to take out. “Can’t do that. You can have a filter coffee to take out but not a capuccino.”   Turning into a cracking day, this. I thought to myself. I didn’t question as to why the cappuccino wasn’t allowed to leave the premises, I just settled for a tepid filter coffee and we headed back to the craft room, drinks in hand to discover that the teacher had started the class without us!!  Tsk! Speechless!

The lesson itself was very good. The girls got to try their hand at screen printing. They created their own design and then printed it onto tee shirts. All good. The downside was that the class ran out of steam a full hour before the published end time. Thank God I didn’t just leave them to it and go back to pick them up. They’d have been sitting around twiddling their thumbs for an hour. I’m rapidly falling out of love with Brockholes  nature reserve. Don’t even start me off about the wedding fair saga!

Moving on….. The Wednesday night walk was amazing this week. Apart from the fact that i thought the walk leader was trying to kill us. We set off up a steep hill. That was followed by a hill and then by a ridiculously steep hill. For a full hour we walked uphill. Just as I was getting really fed up with it all the terrain flattened out and after another half a mile or so we were met with the most wonderful sunset.

High enough to be able to see all across Morecambe Bay to Cumbria, the sun was shining on the sea, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was stunning!!  Typically, I’d made the decision to leave my phone at home so I didn’t have a camera about my person to photograph it but do you know what? It didn’t matter. I was happy just to stand and admire the  breathtaking scenery ( while quietly making  a plan to take a proper camera up the night after to photograph it).

The following night Boofuls was suitably schmoozed into going with me and Batty came along as well. We took a gentler route than the previous nights walk. Even so, Boofuls nearly dropped dead of exhaustion while Batty skipped along like a mountain goat.  Me?  Well, in comparison to the previous night I found it  a doddle, even though it was really quite a hard walk.

When we got to the summit, the sun decided to hid behind a huge bank of clouds that had sprung up since we started our walk.  We could see tantalising glimpses of a spectacular sunset just behind the curtain of cloud. Typical! Can you Adam and Eve it? You couldn’t bloody make this stuff up, could you?!

Since Thursday, Boofuls has been hobbling round like a ninety year old.  Poor Boofuls. What  he needs is a lot more exercise. Get yer boots on (or maybe not).