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Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime summerti – i – i – i-ime

Quiz of the week.

Where did the words in the title come from? Answers on a postcard, please…….and also at the bottom of this post.

So. Summer has arrived with a vengeance. It’s hotter than hell here at the moment, me and Douggie are wilting like little flowers but we aren’t complaining! No sireee. We’ve waited a long time for it, about four years to be exact, and we’re going to enjoy every glorious minute. Breakfast al fresco, Pimms on the lawn, walks in the woods under a lovely sparkly green canopy of deliciously shady leaves, the warm breeze on our skin and sitting out at night listening to our nearest neighbour screaming at her dogs. Aaaah. Summer. I love it.

Just to put you in the mood for summer, here are a few photos I’ve put together.

Summertime, that's got to mean bunting!
Summertime, that’s got to mean bunting!

You can’t have summer without bunting. Bunting is the signal that summer has arrived at this house. You may also notice a nice shiny new chiminea. Boofuls’ new toy. While we’re on the subject of Boofuls, it was his birthday last week. Some of the family went to our local restaurant for a celebratory meal. Lashes organised a surprise birthday cake for him with our favourite photo on it. love it!!!! Well done, Lashes. She always puts such a lot of effort into birthdays and it’s very much appreciated. Boofuls kept saying during the meal that he wouldn’t be impressed if the staff came and sang happy birthday to him. Well, of course they did. Far from being unimpressed, Boofuls seized the moment, stood up and toasted the entire room. I loved it, and so did he.


On my way to the woods the other day with Douggie, I was amazed to see Dr Who was in the vicinity and had left his TARDIS in full view of everyone in this garden!!  OOOOWEEEEEOOOOOO!!!


In the woods it was cool, shady, sparkly and calming, except that is for Douggie who has decided these hot days that paddling is the new walking and spends the entire time in the river chasing stones I throw for him. Keeps him cool and exercised. Win win!

summer leaves
summer leaves

Munki came for her Monday afternoon visit and we painted in the garden. I loved the colours of the paint in their bright pots.


After the painting it was time for a cool down. Munki was less than impressed when she was standing in the paddling pool and Douggie came and did a belly flop in it, knocking her off her feet into the cold water. I tried not to laugh, really I did. I failed.


Also in the news this week: Great nephew’s christening was a huge success. That was last Sunday and almost the whole, family got together for the first time in ages. Since Mum’s funeral in fact which will have been ten years ago next month. Wow! How time flies.