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Pink fog?


I’ve just sat down to write a post and glanced out of the window. The sky has gone pink but it’s foggy.  What’s that all about?

The light is amazing. Now I can’t stop gawping out of the front and back windows. My poor head is twisting from left to right like I’m at a tennis match.  I’ll be getting a crick in my neck at this rate.

Back in a mo….I’m going for another gawp.

Yup, still pink. Ain’t nature wonderful?

A few photos of Douggie

The sun has most certainly got his hat on this week. We’ve been basking in the sun now for ages and it’s getting hotter and hotter. Now when I say we’ve been basking I mean other people have been basking. Isn’t it funny how when you use a word a lot it starts to sound funny. I think I shall juts keep inserting the word ‘basking’ wherever I can in this post purely for my own amusement.

I haven’t been basking. I’ve been hiding in the shade quietly dissolving. It is without any fear of contradiction from women of a certain age such as myself that the combination of hot weather and hot flushes in in no way pleasant and definitely makes basking, unless it’s in a pool, a ‘not going to happen’ event.

Anyway, now we’ve resolved the basking issue. Let’s talk about Douggie.

His model good looks and a beautiful sunset the other night triggered my photographer reflex and I grabbed a camera to get a few shots.

There is no doubt about it, the boy’s a looker. Good looks and brains – he’s got the lot!

Talking of brains – and in Douggie’s case occasionally misfiring brains, Boofuls spotted the onset of a seizure the other day. Without hesitating, which is a good job or it would have been too late, he gave Douggie a dose of belladonna and stopped the seizure in it’s tracks. WELL DONE BOOFULS!!! He’s broken the two week seizure cycle! For the first time in three months Doggie has been seizure free for over two weeks. YAY!

(Grammar rule about to be broken alert!!)

Because Douggie has been having so many seizures it was with a heavy heart that we made the decision to try him on conventional medicine. We took him yesterday to pick up a new but less dangerous epilepsy drug called Pexion. I haven’t given it to him yet. I can’t quite bring myself to do it, especially after the brilliant result with the homeopathic remedy the other day. The trick is catching it. If we can see it coming we can stop it. The jury is still out on whether I administer it or not. It seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Moving on: Here are the photographs I know you’ve been dying to see: Douggie in al his glory.Copyright






Summertiiiiiiime and the living is easy

You have to love summer, the warmth from the sun on your back, lounging around in the garden having afternoon tea with family, swatting away wasps…..no. Wait. What? Something’s wrong.

It’s not summer at all, it’s October. What’s going on?

The sun is blazing away like a blazing thing – brighter and hotter than it’s been all summer. We’re all holding our hands over our eyes and screaming that we can’t stand the brightness! Ok, that’s not strictly true but it’s not far off, we aren’t used to sunshine. All we usually get is shades of grey ( not THAT shades of grey – badly written twaddle that it is. I had to read all three books before I made up my mind about it though). On a good day the best we usually get here is a murky grey – on a bad day it’s more of a charcoal grey. I’m always amazed at how bright the colours are when we’re on holiday.

Anyway, back to the plot.

This afternoon we spent a lovely afternoon with The Rev, Gembolina, DD, Batty and Big N. It was one of the nicest days of the year. I’m so confused.

Oh well, I’m not going to waste energy thinking about it, I’m just going to be thankful we had it to enjoy at this late stage  in the year.

We had a fabulous sunset the other night, I certain promise of a nice day to follow. I bet the shepherds were beyond delighted, I bet they were delirious with joy when they saw this sunset.

Amazing sunset, Shot on iphone 4 with instagram
Amazing sunset, Shot on iphone 4 with instagram

Th dog enjoyed it as well, he sat on the wall and just watched, every  now and then he’d look round to make sure I was still there. I think I should call him velcro dog.

Amazing sunset and amazing dog. Shot on iphone 4 with instagram

Talking of late in the year,  if the prediction that Boofuls and me were to move house before Christmas is going to come true then it’s cutting it a bit fine. Still hovering on the brink of having sold our house, the painfully slow pace feels a bit like crawling over broken glass.  I wish they’d get their finger out and get on with it, the frustration is killing me – and I’ve been psyching myself up all year for not sending another Christmas in this house, now I just want to get moved so please…send us your positive house moving vibes. We need all the help we can get at the moment.

A couple of odd things have happened this week. That’s odd in a nice way, not odd in a “Oh bloody hell!’ kind of way.

It turns out that our local bank has closed down. Thanks for telling us, guys. The first I knew about it was when I went to pay in a cheque the other day. Oh well, I suppose a trip to the nearby big town won’t kill me. Actually, I was amazed and delighted to see the Thwaites dray horses. I haven’t seen them for years, not since I was a kid, when I used to see them all the time delivering beer to local pubs. They are just as splendid as I remembered them. These big, lovely, friendly  shire horses drew people to them like magnets. The carriage drivers smiled from ear to ear, proud of their horses in all their regalia and enjoying the attention just as much. It really made my day. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Thwaites dray horses
Thwaites brewery

The next odd thing to happen was on Friday morning when bezzie mate and me decided to investigate a new furniture and gift store. As we pulled up outside the shop we saw a group of polar bears walking up the road. Wut?

I rubbed my eyes and took another look. Yup, it was polar bears alright. This one kindly posed for a photo for me. He must be called Usain Bear.

Usain Bear


It’s piddling down with rain! All our plans to get on with the garden have been foiled again! Mind you, it’s not like we need to get on with it before summer starts, is it?  Of course we are exhibiting at a wedding fair tomorrow so we won’t get anything done then – and the forecast is lovely. Typical!

We either have the time or the weather but hardly ever both – and when we do have both we’re too knackered to do anything about it.  Oh well, it’ll be a day of lounging around for us today then.

Slightly disappointing day yesterday when I took the kids to the nature reserve. As we walked in to the craft room the teacher looked at us with a wild look in her eye, threw her hands up in the air and announced,”I’m so behind this morning! I haven’t got anything ready yet. It’s been a terrible morning!”

“Never mind,” says I, “we’ll go in the cafe and have a drink while you get ready.”

“That won’t make any difference. The others will be arriving and I’m not ready!”

“Ok then. ” (backing away making placatory gestures before she burst into tears or threw a craft knife at me) “We’ll just wait out the way.”

Deciding that we would  get drinks to take in the class with us we headed over to the cafe anyway. The girls chose  juice, I asked for a cappuccino to take out. “Can’t do that. You can have a filter coffee to take out but not a capuccino.”   Turning into a cracking day, this. I thought to myself. I didn’t question as to why the cappuccino wasn’t allowed to leave the premises, I just settled for a tepid filter coffee and we headed back to the craft room, drinks in hand to discover that the teacher had started the class without us!!  Tsk! Speechless!

The lesson itself was very good. The girls got to try their hand at screen printing. They created their own design and then printed it onto tee shirts. All good. The downside was that the class ran out of steam a full hour before the published end time. Thank God I didn’t just leave them to it and go back to pick them up. They’d have been sitting around twiddling their thumbs for an hour. I’m rapidly falling out of love with Brockholes  nature reserve. Don’t even start me off about the wedding fair saga!

Moving on….. The Wednesday night walk was amazing this week. Apart from the fact that i thought the walk leader was trying to kill us. We set off up a steep hill. That was followed by a hill and then by a ridiculously steep hill. For a full hour we walked uphill. Just as I was getting really fed up with it all the terrain flattened out and after another half a mile or so we were met with the most wonderful sunset.

High enough to be able to see all across Morecambe Bay to Cumbria, the sun was shining on the sea, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was stunning!!  Typically, I’d made the decision to leave my phone at home so I didn’t have a camera about my person to photograph it but do you know what? It didn’t matter. I was happy just to stand and admire the  breathtaking scenery ( while quietly making  a plan to take a proper camera up the night after to photograph it).

The following night Boofuls was suitably schmoozed into going with me and Batty came along as well. We took a gentler route than the previous nights walk. Even so, Boofuls nearly dropped dead of exhaustion while Batty skipped along like a mountain goat.  Me?  Well, in comparison to the previous night I found it  a doddle, even though it was really quite a hard walk.

When we got to the summit, the sun decided to hid behind a huge bank of clouds that had sprung up since we started our walk.  We could see tantalising glimpses of a spectacular sunset just behind the curtain of cloud. Typical! Can you Adam and Eve it? You couldn’t bloody make this stuff up, could you?!

Since Thursday, Boofuls has been hobbling round like a ninety year old.  Poor Boofuls. What  he needs is a lot more exercise. Get yer boots on (or maybe not).


strolling, just strolling

STROLLING:  Flanagan & Allen 

Strolling, just strolling,

In the cool of the evening air,

I don’t envy the rich in their automobiles,

For a motor car is phoney.

I’d rather have Shanks’s pony,

When I’m strolling,

just strolling,

With the light of the moon above,

Ev’ry night I go out strolling,

And I know my luck is rolling,

When I’m strolling with the one I love.

(source: http://lyricsplayground.com/alpha/songs/s/strolling.shtml)

Aah, the council organised, Wednesday walks are back on. How I’ve missed them.

From April to October between thirty and 50 intrepid walkers, and me,  meet up in all weathers once a week to explore the hidden wonders of lovely Lancashire.

Tonight was week three. These walks are advertised as ‘a stressbusting two hour walk at a brisk pace.’

Brisk? A moderately paced jog is more like it  – and strolling doesn’t even come into it.  As for strolling with the one I love – it’d kill him!

There has been a definite improvement in my fitness levels though since I first started to do these walks, three years ago. Now I don’t feel like I am actually going to die as we race up every hill the walk leader can find,  and I don’t often have to stop for a breather.

Tonight we covered five and a half miles and it was magbloodynificent!

The bluebells carpeted the floor of the woods, the sun sparkled through the trees and off the water of the reservoir, the birds sang and the overall effect was that there was just a hint of magic in the air. Half expecting to see a fairy peeping out from a mossy tree stump I walked enchanted through the magic wood and was sad to leave it behind as we climbed up the hill back on to the moors.

Sometimes it’s just about perfect. Sigh.

It’d be fantastic if I had half a dozen lovely photographs to show you but we don’t have time to stop. Loiterers get left behind. I did snatch a couple of photos on my phone and then had to run to catch up with everyone else as they disappeared into the distance.

sunset in the woods
in the woods

So I don’t have a lot of photos from tonight’s walk but I do have a few photos from the photo shoot I did for my friend and neighbour the other day. The puppy is about nine weeks old and is a cross between a belgian Shepherd and  German Shepherd. He’s going to be gorgeous later. He’s already quite gorgeous now.

Black puppy

The border collie is Mrs Woofy’s bezzie mate. I don’t know why as she took a chunk out of her last week which resulted in visits to the vet’s and lots of money changing hands.

Border collie

Rainy July

It’s rained this month. A lot. Waking up to yet another miserable day this morning and faced with the prospect of having to do a years worth of accounts all at once, I was less than thrilled at the thought of the day ahead.

After a frustrating morning’s book keeping ( made worse because there’s no one to blame but myself), I took poochie out for a walk and got drenched yet again. Today though I took my headphones with me and mentally practised my dance routines as I listened to wonderful latin rhythms. It’s hard to be pi55ed off when you’re listening to a lovely bouncy, sunny samba. Any other walkers in the vicinity, although I didn’t spot any, might have been amused at the occasional samba walk or lock step that I threw in for good measure.

The afternoon’s work progressed much more smoothly and by evening the sun had decided to put in an appearance!! Yay!!  That was my cue to get in the garden and tidy it up a bit. We were treated to a lovely, golden, turning to red sunset. I ran in to grab my camera, shoot a few  frames and have some contra jour fun before it disappeared.

You know, you don’t mind a bit of rain when the consolation prize is evenings like tonight.

Spider enjoying the evening sun
sunlight through grass
Evening sunlight through leaves
Evening sunlight through grass