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Happy New Year

If you’re looking for a cheery post I think you’ll find you’re in the wrong place. There are no happy stories of peace, goodwill and new year parties around here. If it was still Christmas I’d be saying Bah! Humbug!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mrs Pissedoff from Pissedoffville.

So. All the shenanigans are over with for another year. I’ll keep the decorations up till the 6th as is traditional but  it’ll feel a bit daft as there’s nowt left to celebrate.I must say though that I do love my white stick tree, I might keep it all year.  Lashes forgot to take her decorations down last year so she left them up until Easter and then decided that she quite liked the look of the tinsel on the wall so she kept it all year. Saved her the job of trimming up this time I suppose.

This NYE was the most boring in the history of NYE’s. The plan was to enjoy a nice evening at home, have a little drink, watch a good film and see in the new year by watching all the fireworks, one of the perks of living on a mountain, we can see fireworks for miles around.

We even turned down a party to stay home. What a mistake that was. The telly was utter and complete tripe. I’d been looking forward to finishing off my bottle of advocaat but it seems to have disappeared while Boofuls and I were in Torquay so I had a glass of fizzy water instead. I was so exhausted with boredom by ten o’clock that I wanted to go to bed but Boofuls wanted to us  stay up. I stayed up but ended up grumpy and not at all interested in the fireworks at midnight, which I must say were pretty feeble.  We watched the London firework display which was amazing. Now that was a firework display. No, silly. We didn’t watch it from our window. I know we can see for miles but London s a loooooooooong way away.  We watched it on telly.

After that it was off to bed until the early hours until Doggie the Doggie woke me up waiting to go out. Oh dear. The dog has a dicky tummy. He woke me up again about seven and he went racing out the door clutching his bum, trying to hold on till he got outside. Sigh.

It’s 8.45 now and the first day of 2014 hasn’t got off to the most auspicious start. We have friends in hospital, friends who are ill at home, the dog’s not well, the rain’s raining and the wind’s blowing. Also, during the first part of the year there will be at least two people we know who will depart this earthly life. I won’t elaborate on that at the moment. It’s just very sad.

I’m going to take the dog for a walk in the rain now. I hate new year.

Try popping in tomorrow when I’ll be feeling much cheerier.


So very tired

I’m sitting here all bleary eyed and knackered after being woken up at fecking twenty past fecking six afeckingain by the puppy who thinks the boiler coming on is a wake up call. Excuse my French.

Wandering around our field in my dressing gown and wellies is now a daily occurrence, I think our nearest neighbour, the one who’s house overloooks our field, thinks I’ve got Alzheimer’s or something. “Ooh look love. There she is again, wandering around in her nightclothes. Poor thing,”

The downside of these near naked, nearly nocturnal wanderings is that I’m now full of a cold and permanently knackered.  I’ll be glad when puppy can hold his wee for more than a nanosecond after realising he needs one.


On our way back from yet another wedding fair on Tuesday night, I noticed that the sat nav map looked amazingly like lady bits. I wonder if the person who designed that road layout realised that it looks exactly like fallopian tubes, ovaries and a perfectly shaped uterus? That made me laugh all the way home.

Maybe they did it on purpose because that road is on an ancient fertility site or something. Or perhaps it was a joke. Although if I was going to make a joke road layout I’d probably have made it look like  a huge willy. I know, I know, I’m a twelve year old boy trapped in the body of a middle aged woman.


Well, it’s  a bit late since it’s been and gone but, Happy St Davids Day. I Hope you wore your daffodil and slayed a few Welsh dragons. St David’s Day is a sure sign that spring is on it’s way, and sure enough the weather has been gorgeous for the last couple of days. It’s precipitating persistently right now because I’m due to do two engagement shoots today and was hoping to take the couple to the local park. Ho hum.

As I sit here I’m trying to work up enough energy to get ready to go to my zumba class at 9.15 and failing.


Sssshhhh! Can you hear that?

That, dear reader, is the sound of nothing at all. Blessed silence.

We’re dog sitting this weekend so apart from an occasional sigh from Mrs Woofy who can’t understand why I’m not entertaining her from  the second I get out of bed it’s peace perfect peace all the way. I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

Today is the last wedding fair of this season and it’s going out with a bang. It’s the big one at a very well known local hotel which is 700 years old so quite a nice venue and will probably be very busy. Hope so anyway.

We did the last of this year’s weddings on Friday. Another historic venue, dating back to the 1300’s. It’s supposed to be haunted but I didn’t see any ghosts even though I was stood alone, in the dark in the most haunted part of the house for a while as  I waited for the bride to turn up for her photos.

Fabulous venue to work in you can point your camera in any direction and get a nice photo but oh so busy and noisy. Dear God, I thought my poor eardrums were going to burst.

Why this  particular bunch of wedding guests felt the need to keep screeching is beyond me.  It was an all day wedding shoot and by the time we got home about 10 pm, from a 10 am start, we could hardly move.

Most of yesterday I spent comatose and nursing a migraine.  Still, after this weekend it’s all over  till January so things won’t be quite so mad busy. I can relax and get on with a bit of album design while I’m  plotting and scheming ways to increase  business for next year.

So. Why are we  dog sitting?

It’s Gembolina’s 30th birthday weekend. She and The Rev have gone off to Chester for a dirty weekend. They’ve sent the  kids  to Gem’s Mum’s and the dog has come here.

I’m going to  go and get ready for work now because I’ve had my quiet half hour and I can’t think of anything even remotely interesting to share with you, I’m too knackered to think straight never mind come up with witty and interesting stories so I’ll be back when I’m not so discomknockerated!!

Have a nice Sunday!


Is sleeping sickness a real thing? If it is then I think I’ve got it. I’m KNACKERED!!

Yesterday I crawled out of my bed and spent the day feeling a bit zombified.  Last night I could have gone back to my bed by 8.30 but forced myself to stay up till 10pm.  Even reading my bedtime book is too much effort, mind you, it is a crap book. ‘Angels in my teeth’ or something by Lorna someone or other.

I seem to be repeating the same routine today.

Dammit, I haven’t got the time to be tired/ill.

Tonight is the first wedding fair of this year and I’ve a ton of preparation work still to do, mostly due to the fact that I spent yesterday like a zombie.

Better stop chuffing about on here and get on with it then.

Sorry for moaning.


That’d be me snoring. I am so tired that I’m way past tired , exhaustion? That’s just a distant memory. I’ve now reached the point of being absolutely fooked and past coping or caring.  Yet another afternoon at the factory. A tough one today as one of the machine went down and caused all sorts of traumas. As well as being behind schedule the atmosphere was tense, it doesn’t make for a pleasant working environment. Things perked up by mid afternoon though and by 5pm the place was positively hopping.

Even dog training got jettisoned tonight as I have still to check all the kit over and charge up all the batteries for a wedding we’re shooting in York tomorrow. Who cares if it’s a two hour drive, shooting a wedding will be a bit of welcome relief from all the work at the factory.  I’m so looking forward to it, not least for the chance to pick up my camera, I’ve hardly seen it for the last week or two and I’m missing it!

As I write Boofuls is looking for a hotel for us to stay in on Monday night before our jollies next week.  He’s had a ton of dental work done today in readiness for the bridge his having on the 4th October. The pain relief the dentist gave him is starting to wear off now so he’s numbing the pain with sauvignon blanc.  I must say I am so impressed. The temporary crowns he has on are BRILLIANT!!!  Loads better than the one I had done last year (remember that debacle?). I think I may have to change dentists.

The new milk shake diet is working a treat, now I’m so used to being hungry that I’m not even noticing it any more.

Right. Time to put the next lot of batteries on charge and then put my own battery on charge. I’m off to my bed.  See you soon.

This is the Life

What’s going on? Sitting here on a Thursday afternoon, glass of frizzante in front of me, the prospect of a lovely dinner followed by an evening lovlier pud and all courtesy of M & S’s,  ‘two for a tenner’ deal.

I’ve got that Friday feeling  – and it’s only Thursday!  (hang on…slurp ).  I have absolutely no right to have that Friday feeling today as I still have a ton of work to do including the stupidly late accounts.  I’m expecting the accountant to phone me and give me grief any day now.  I’m going to blame B – for the Friday feeling, not the accounts not being up to date – because he came home from work early so it feels like a Friday.

I’ll probably regret it  all later when it’s time to go out dog training and I’ve got a thick head and only want to sleep but at the moment it’s all very sophisticated and makes me feel like there is still a hint of summer in the air even though the clouds are glowering and threatening to empty tons of water on us at any moment, probably the very moment I take the dog for a walk as that seems to be the routine of late.  In the meantime though I’ll just sit and chat with you.

So. How have you been? Family all  alright? Work ok? How’s your bunions?  Good, good.

Me?  Ohhhhhh, it’s all good here.

We went to view a house we LOVED the other day. Now I know I loved the last one we went to see but that was only in lower case. We LOVE this one!  It’s at the end of our field.  That brilliant  medium I went to see told us we’d move to a house on the edge of where we live now.  Our buyers are due to turn up any day now and funnily enough I saw a huge beamer coming out of the top of our track earlier, I had to reverse to let them out.  They must have been doing a recce.  Asking price only, please. No offers.

Our posh cat spent a night on the tiles the other night. I don’t know what he got up to because all the wedding tackle was taken car e of years ago but whatever it was he got up to he was absolutely exhausted when he came in the following morning.  Taking up his favoured sleeping position on the back of the chair, he never moved all morning until it was time for me to take N to work. “Throw the cat out of here will you please, N.” I said.

N picked up the very floppy cat and place him on the stairs, elegantly draped over two steps. Five minutes later I walked past and the cat was still in exactly the same position as N had left him in, and fast asleep. he wearily opened one eye as I went past him and managed to get up another 5 steps before stopping for another short kip. It took him all day to recover from his night out, I’m sure I heard him saying to our other cat, “Never again, uuuuuuurrrggghhh.’


The Wednesday walk was good last night, for one: it didn’t rain till the last 10 minutes and not much then and two: the laugh we had.  The walk started, as it has all month, in Pleasington.  Fifty or so of us intrepid walkers set off for a brisk walk up through the yellow hills, so called because of the huge amount of gorse bushes. We got to the top in about half an hour, not bad going.  At the top of the hill there are magnificent views right across to the coast as well as a little natural lake which is quite pretty . Well, lake might be a bit of a grand word for it, it’s actually more like a pond. A small pond; more of a largish puddle really, but still a lovely spot.

As we approached the summit one by one we all noticed the young couple who’d obviously thought  they’d found a romantic, secluded spot where they’d never get disturbed as it was miles from anywhere.

Complete with blanket, picnic and champagne, they blushed furiously as fifty hikers went past with huge grins on their faces. “Lovely evening for it.” One wag said, which made them blush even more as ‘it’ had clearly been on the agenda.

To make it (the situation, not ‘it)  even worse (for them, not us) it was the very spot where we stop for a rest for a few minutes. There was absolutely nowhere for them to hide so they steadfastly tried to pretend we just weren’t there.  After a few minutes we set off on our travels again. We could almost hear their sighs of relief. The relief wouldn’t have lasted for long though, as we set off up the next hill a group of fell runners, about fifty of them ran down it, straight past…. yup, you’ve guessed it. Poor things.  I’d have given up and gone home.


What a hard week.

I’d love to entertain you with light hearted tales about it all but there aren’t any.

The plan for this evening is to sit curled up and rocking in a corner until I can face the world again.

Usually, I can write away any stress and upset but I can’t even find the energy for that just now.

Back when things are better.