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I can’t even go for a pee in peace


Toilet humour

Oh, how I can relate to this

Talking of technology but not so cutting edge, no pun intended. We had a small bathroom malfunction the other day.

Call it what you will; lavvy, loo, throne, potty, pissoir, privy, wc or any other of the myriad of names (I’ll try and use as many as I can in this post) applied to it, that invention of none other than Mr Crapper himself makes life mighty difficult when it isn’t working.

Boofuls, being the nearest handyman on call, fixed us up with an inconvenient way of flushing the convenience in the absence of any flush mechanism. It came  in the form of a large black bucket, the plan being to  collect water from the bath tap and hence chuck a bucket full of water down th’ole as way of a makeshift flush until he was able to procure the means of fixing said sanitaryware the following day.

Brilliant idea! Or it would have been had there not been the  proverbial hole in the bucket.

Unnoticed by me until it was too late, water sloshed all over the bathroom and it’s new carpet from both the top of the bucket, due to some over exuberant filling on my part, and from the bottom as the hole tried to dispatch the contents  like some slightly mad watering can.

Of course, having realised that there was a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza, my technique to try and minimise flooding was to try and fling the water into the bog from across the room. That resulted in even more water being deposited on the carpet. Sigh. Not my best idea ever. Still at least it was clean water. Just thing if we’d been reduced to actually having to use the bucket *shudder*  that could have been really unpleasant!

You’ll be glad to know that normal service was resumed the following day and our khazi is now in proper working order.