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Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

What an exciting week it’s been here, weatherwise. Our little town got hit by a tornado!

We don’t get tornados here!!

Luckily for me I’d wimped out of walking Mrs Woofy because of the pouring rain. The tornado hit at exactly the time we would have been in the woods.

While I was standing in the checkout queue at TKMaxx  buying a  few pressies for the clingons I  heard an almighty rumbling  followed by rain pounding on the roof deafeningly loudly. People in the queue looked at each other and smiled “Hark at that weather.”  happy for once to be stuck in a queue and not released into the elements  like the unlucky sods who got served just before us.  They  were legging it to their cars as fast as they could given the fact that they were instantly drenched and being blown around the car park like skittles.

It was all over in a minute or two when the rain eased off to a torrential downpour and the wind to a howling gale. At the time we just thought it was a bit of a nasty squall.

Of course it made the local news.  ‘TORNADO HITS LANCASHIRE!!”

The roof was blown off a local pub, I bet that surprised a few afternoon drinkers. The main road had to be closed for a couple of hours while they cleared the roof from the road. The damage apparently amounted to tens of pounds.

Of course some smart alec had to put a comment on the article in the newspaper and say; * puts on smarmy voice* “Actually, it wasn’t a tornado, it was a funnel cloud. It’s only a tornado if it touches the ground.”  Try telling that to the teachers in the nursery school who had to quickly shove the kids out of the way as their garden shed was ripped up from it’s concrete base and thrown at them by the storm. To them it was most certainly a tornado.


In Preston today it’s the annual charity Santa dash  to raise money for St catherine’s hospice. Think I might do it next year. I do feel a bit sorry for the people doing it this year, it’s a horrible day with lashing rain, hailstones and a cold easterly wind. (update on that since this morning when I wrote it – It’s been snowing!!!  Yaaaaayy!! I love snow!).


Boofuls is away tonight for one of his meetings. That leaves me, Big N and the cats. I’ve taken the opportunity while it’s been quiet to get on with a bit of DIY. I’ve painted the ceiling in the utility room again and also stripped the wall behind the bed in our bedroom ready for re papering with the fabulous sparkly paper I bought a few weeks ago. In addition to that I’ve been painting the office at work and generally trying to spruce everything up, hence my absence from blogging for a few days. Once it’s all done I can think about trimming up for Christmas.

Talking of trimming up. Christmas trees are a ridiculous price this year. For the size of tree Boofuls and I normally get were looking at about £60!!!  For the first time ever I have seriously considered getting an artificial tree. I can get a bloody good one for that kind of money and it’ll last for years. With that and the environmental reasons for getting a fake tree I must say it’s beginning to look rather an attractive option – offset by the fact that I’ll have to buy loads of pine scented toilet blocks to hang on the branches and make it smell like a real tree.


Well folks. It’s time for my bed. G’night all. Sleep tight, hope the bugs don’t bite.