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Ssshh! Show a little respect, please!

Now let’s all bow our heads and quietly pay our last respects to poor Brickie.


Poor Brickie. For such a long time Brickie and me went everywhere together. Brickie kept me up to date with everything and now poor Brickie has passed on, been superseded, replaced, discarded.


Brickie is dead, long Live Brickie!  RIP.


So when did I turn into a gadget geek, huh?  Our new iphones turned up yesterday and as long as one doesn’t touch the bottom left hand corner of it, it’s FAB!!!  WEll, when I say fab, I mean it will be fab when I’ve worked it all out.

The blazing hot weather is back. Me and poochie went for a nice long walk this lunchtime (what’s that about mad dogs and Englishmen?), we did stay in the relative cool of the woods though so we’re not totally bonkers.  While we were there I got a text message from my friend Sheila, I found a nice shady bench to sit on and  reply to it, while I was scratching my head trying to work out what to do  I got bitten by another sodding horse fly. NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!  I still look like a burns victim from the last one!

Nothing for 50 years then 2 in one month!!   It was on my elbow this time, that could get tricky if it all turns manky so  this time  I’ve not wasted any time getting the antihistamine down my neck a bit sharpish to prevent a re-occurance of the last episode. Hell, I must taste damn good!