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Fun fun fun all the way

So here we are at the end of the wedding fair season, relatively unscathed.  As I predicted, Sunday was eventful – just not for the reasons I predicted.

As we arrived at the hotel, with exactly one hour before the fair started, we discovered that the room we had been allocated  was still being used for breakfast.

Oh happy day!

We stood around and waited as large round tables were dismantled and rectangular tables were brought in to replace them.  Various suppliers were climbing over the debris of the dining room with armfuls of whatever their chosen product was. There was a lot of sighing, huffing, puffing and scowling going on and I’m sure I heard the odd curse being uttered as well. Other than that it was fairly quite and intense.

Watching the wedding cakes people come in was interesting as they had to weave, swerve and tiptoe around while carrying large, heavy and unwieldy cakes while  the round tables were being rolled out of the room by people who couldn’t see where they were going. It was a bit like ten pin bowling in reverse with the skittles having to run away from the ball.

What a few minutes earlier had been a sophisticated and elegant dining room looked for a brief time like a bomb had fallen on it. Amazingly, it was only for a brief time , in about ten minutes out of the chaos came some order and we were able to start setting up our display.

Since this photo was taken we’ve added more lights, some nice clip on halogen lights.

I got on with unpacking the albums and banner while Boofuls got on with the electrics. We’ve invested in some new display lights and our stand is lit up like Jodrell Bank when it’s all turned on. You certainly can’t miss us.

Suddenly I heard a loud clatter and a bang. ‘What the hell….?’

Then I heard it again about 30 seconds later this time followed by a loud curse.

“What’s going on Boofuls?”

He’d been attaching the lights to the roll up banner  and not attached the top of the banner correctly so it fell down. Then he did it again. Butterfingers! The trouble was that because the banner had lights attached it didn’t roll, it just fell to the floor and got creased, dented and generally rendered unusable. Once the lights were on it it showed up every dent perfectly. Imagine my joy. A bit of creative lighting got us through the day with it but it’s bin fodder now, I’m afraid. Oh well, it was due for replacing.

The day was busy, as we expected. Lots of good contacts and genuine interest – and a cake stand right next to us with lots of yummy samples. That always helps to cheer me up.

Now I don’t know if you’re familiar with the workings of a wedding fair but halfway through the day they put on a fashion show. Once the show’s over people generally clear off home so it’s pretty much all over.

I’d gone into the other room to check how many people were left and if it was getting close to packing up time. As I came back towards our room I could smell burning.

It’s never a good thing, a smell of burning.

As I was standing next to the table decorator’s display at the time and she had candles burning I gave it a quick once over to make sure it wasn’t her display.

It wasn’t

“Can you smell burning?” I enquired. “Ooh, I can. I wonder where that’s coming from?’

We soon found out.

One of our new halogen lights had become loose and fallen onto one of the albums. Boofuls was across the room at the time but spotted and dealt with it in seconds. This is the damage done in about 15 seconds to one of our albums.

burnt album


burnt album


burnt album


Three pages in a few seconds!

Oh. My. God.

It doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if he hadn’t been in the room.  I think those lights can go in the bin and I’ll get some that run a bit (a lot) cooler for next season.

Luckily it was towards the end of the day we we didn’t have to hang around much longer. I’m not sure my frazzled nerves could have stood it much longer to be honest. I was near to tears at this point.

I think we both needed a bit of light relief after that so economising or not we decided  ‘sod it’  we’re going to treat ourselves to dinner out and a couple of glasses of wine just to help us unwind.

That was exactly what we needed and you’ll be glad to hear that  that part of the day at least  was completely uneventful.

What a weekend, I’m glad it’s all over.



…..and turn and smile

So Lashes did her second modelling assignment last night, another wedding fair catwalk show, this time to a much bigger but somewhat less enthusiastic audience.

The music was provided by a dj with a laser display and he was obviously keen to show it off by projecting images of various creatures onto the wall behind him which is also where the models walked in to the room.

Just as one girl walked in a huge elephant was flashed up on the wall behind her. What’s he trying to say? I thought.  I’m not sure if the models were aware of this laser light show. I must say I did feel sorry for this particular model who flinched a bit as she heard a small child blurt out “Look at the massive elephant, Mummy!”  I bet that’s put her well on her on her way to Anorexiaville.

Walking in to pretty butterflies wafting round the wall is one thing but elephants and crabs? really?   It provided me and the other photographer I was stood near  with a constant source of amusement as the show was on. We hardly noticed the dresses at all as we were too busy  laughing at the various creatures appearing on the walls.

Boofuls and me were exhibiting last night. What a busy  evening. We were run off our feet all night and made a booking there and then. Unheard of to book on the night!  I wish we could do that every time.




Another week, same old routine

So. How was your weekend? Good? Good.

The clingons came to stay on Friday night. That means we had to have a non stop entertainment programme in place to prevent boredom as they have the attention span of gnats.

We started with ‘make your own pizza’ for tea followed by karaoke, Wii, painting, drawing cartoons, making cards, dressing up, (clingon no. 2 managed to scare herself with the grim reaper costume she was wearing)photography, photoshopping (clingon no. 2 is an absolute natural at that, I think we have another photographer there), cuddles on the settee while watching telly and lots and lots of food.

Winter seems to be winning the battle for the seasons at the moment. Everything outside is covered in a thick layer of frost, it’s windy and oh so very cold.  I liked it better yesterday when it was warm, bright and sunny.

Not that we saw much of it as we were exhibiting at yet another wedding fair, the last one of this season for us. It would have been nice if it had been a  mad busy one but there were so many on all over the place yesterday that the best we could say about it is that it was steady. Oh well, we’ll decide how successful it was when people start phoning to book. Or not.

By the time we got home we were so tired we just slumped on the settee and watched rubbish telly till bedtime.

It’s no wonder we were knackered. It’s been a busy weekend.

Last week I went to see a medium. A friend phoned me to ask if I’d step in as her friend had pulled out. No need to ask me twice!!

Sitting down for my reading she gave me some cards to ‘handle, not shuffle”,  as I started to lay them out on the table she immediately gave me some information that she couldn’t possibly have known that stunned me.

To be honest, I’d have gone home happy after just that bit of evidence, it was so accurate. She went on and on and on with precise evidence. If I didn’t know better I’d swear she’d been stalking me.

Without doubt there are many charlatans out there who are very skilled at picking up clues from body language and things you’ve said. I’ve experienced a few of those. The most notable one being a con artist  Cardiff who wasn’t even a skilled a con artist she was just making wild guesses:

“Have you got  a child who stuggles to read?”


“Oh no, hang on , a child who’s  very gifted at reading.”

Tsk.  You tell me, you’re the medium. What a fool.

Anyway, back to this woman last week was amazing.  I said almost nothing, she did all the talking.

To top it all off, right at the end of the sitting she said to me,” Let’s see if we can get your mum, who’s May?”

She hadn’t even paused for breath before giving me Mum’s name.

I’d never said my Mum had passed away.

I know some people find this stuff frightening, some think its dabbling with the devil, I’ve had many a talk with various Jehovah’s Witnesses about it. I find it comforting.

Thieving Bastids!!!!

Yet another wedding fair today, quite busy, busy enough to keep us going all day.

At one point we had quite the little crowd round our table, an excited group of people who were there for quite  a while.  All the time they were there they kept us quite occupied as they aked questions, holding our attention.

Shortly after they left we realised that our tiny and very popular ‘baby’ wedding album had gone missing.

Obviously we thought it had slipped under another album or been knocked off the table. After a very thorough search it became obvious that it had been knocked off all right, some bastard had stolen it!

I was livid, how dare someone walk off with our kit, we’ve worked bloody hard and paid a lot of money to get a decent display together!!

It turns out we weren’t the only ones, two other photographers  also had small albums stolen today. My guess it’s someone building a portfolio the easy way, by nicking it.

It leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of all the professionals there today who paid good money for their exhibition space and who have built their businesses on hard work and determination  just to have some  nasty little toerag build their tawdry, talentless, sleazy little business by using albums stolen from us.

It seemed to be a bit of a funny day today all round today.

Boofuls was deep in conversation with one couple as I was deep in conversation with another.

My antennae picked up when I saw the woman Boofuls was talking to taking rather too much interest in our professional handbook with information about albums in it. Normally we just give people a quick flash of it to show them the size of a parents album  or the show different album covers available but never hand it over.

Well and truly tuned in by this time and still seething from the album incident, my ears pricked up as they picked up odd snippets of conversation that didn’t seem to be what I’d expect from a typical punter.

It was only another photographer  pretending to be booking a wedding and pumping Boofuls for information about where we get our albums from!!!

Eventually she admitted what she was doing and then made a sharp exit when my less than impressed voice joined in the conversation. Do your own bloody research like I had to! Never mind pretending to be a potential client. Cheeky cow!!

What on earth happened to  business ethics, moral standards and professionalism?


Bloody hell!  That was a busy wedding fair last night!

After the usual traumas getting it all set up, not enough power sockets, lights not reaching, trapped in a corner blah de blah blah we eventually got it all organised and ready to greet the public.

Midweek, evening wedding fairs are funny events quite often they are very quiet and dismal affairs which leave us feeling like me might as well have stayed at home watching ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.  You can’t ever really tell what they’re going to be like.

Well!  From the second the doors opened we were deluged with visitors, all night long we chatted to and schmoozed a sea of punters. People were actually queueing to talk to us! Normally half the people in the room walk past giving you dirty looks  or come for a half hearted look through the albums without wanting to engage at all, ‘Nah, we’re alright thanks.”  ‘Tyre kickers’ we call them.

If you’re not familiar with how a wedding fair works, it’s like this: people come in, look round, eat cake, watch fashion show, bugger off.

Once the show is over we can normally start packing away as there is a mass exodus to the door. Not last night.  Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat. Eventally I was surprised to notice other stall holder packing up, “Almost everyone has gone from the other room.” she said.

“Oh!”  Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat.

Eventually we reached a point when I felt I could turn off the display lights – just as a family walked up to the stand, “Aaawww, are we too late?”

Absolutely not. On went the lights again and we chatted some more.

It was after 10pm when we finally left, clutching a pair of  cup cakes that looked very much like breasts, courtesy of the cake stand next door. Well, there has to be some perks (hahaaaaa  perky breasts!!!!)  to spending all evening stood up yapping  and the left over  cupcakes or chocolate if there’s a chocolate fountain are usually it.

‘Should be a nice quick drive home at this time’ we thought, wrongly, as it turned out. The M6 was down to one lane. The matrix board was showing a speed limit of 20 mph. That was overly optimistic, 2 mph was more like it.  The M65 was closed, dammit, it took us an hour and a quarter to get home from Garstang, twice as long as it should have done. We soon lost our buzz from a busy night and sat silent and slumped in the car as we navigated our way round the road closures.

So now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m sooo very tired and of course I have a mountain of work to get through. It could be a very ploddy kind of day today.

Apologies for the ridululous over use of ‘!’  I just can’t seem to leave it alone!!!  Must be because I’m so tired!

Fancy a quickie?

It’s all I’ve got time for.

So – rapid round up of the last few days.

Baby E has been horribly ill all weekend. I promise you you don’t need any details, suffice to say it involved many a shower.  The poor little mite looked wiped out yesterday when I babysat. Her little eyes were all rheumy and runny and she was more than a little clingy. Her latest word, ‘cuggle’ was waaaaaaaay overused.

N starts his new job tomorrow.  Zipppp a dee doo daaaaa!!! I am so looking forward to suffering from empty nest syndrome!!! It’s a live in job but he’ll be commuting for the first couple of weeks till it all gets settled.

The latest viewers on the house haven’t come back with an offer – I was so convinced they would. Does that mean I have to eat my computer now as a said I would if they didn’t buy the house? Dagnabbit!  There’s still time so I won’t eat it just yet.

First time event at Sundays wedding fair – a couple booked there and then, waving their deposit cheque at us as if they were frightened I’d let the date  go to someone else. No one ever books on the day, I was gobsmacked. I liked it though, I wish it happened every time.  One date: 28th May next year we have had booked for months. We could have sold it 3 times over on Sunday, one couple went away almost in tears panicking that they wouldn’t be able to get a decent photographer for their wedding. When I told them they’d left it really late for popular dates like bank holiday weekends, they panicked even more wailing that they’d thought they had loads of time and were getting everything organised dead early. WRONG!!!!

All my fundraising stuff has been coming through for the Race for Life. I’m going to be shamelessly chasing people for sponsorship soon so hold on to your pockets!!!

Got to go now. have a nice day y’all!