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Happy Birthday to Lashes, happy birthday toooooo yoooooooo!

Aw, my little girl has reached the grand old age of 25. Blimey! How did that happen so fast?

That’s a scary thought isn’t it. My youngest is 25!! That’s quite a trick considering I’m only 32 *cough cough*

We went out for a lovely birthday breakfast this morning. We got the best seat in the house – right next to the window so we could watch the snow fall. I always thought snow was supposed to fall down. This snow was falling horizontally and there was so much of it. Superb! We love the snow. I love it more now I have a 4WD to get around in.

After her birthday breakfast  and pressies she went home to be met by Len who’d taken half a day off work and who’d arrived home with flowers and bubbly. So far so good. That was followed by a trip to Manchester for shopping, dinner out and lots of fun. Sounds like pretty much a perfect day to me.

As for me – I went out in the blizzard with Velcrodog for a nice long walk. Well, I say nice. It was nice as long as we  had the howling wind to our backs. Walking into it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. It was WINDY! Even the dog was trying to keep as far out of the wind as possible. It was the kind of wind that takes your breath away and gives you a headache if you aren’t wearing a nice warm hat. I was wearing two nice warm hats. A trip to the arctic teaches one a thing or two about dressing warmly. Warmly? Bloody warmly? I was dying of the heat! As I walked down the track towards home I was already divesting myself of my many layers of clothing. The neighbours, if they’d have been able to see me through the white out, would have thought I was mad.

Here are a couple of photos from this afternoon taken on my trusty iphone.

Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright Copyright

Wilder than a wild thing

Woken up at some point during the night to the sound of the milk bottles making a two hundred yard dash up the track, clanking and clattering noisily as they went, pushed along by the  6o mph stiff breeze that’s assailing us at the moment, it crossed my mind that having a house at the top of a really steep hill on the moors isn’t always as idyllic as people think.

It’s all a bit Wuthering Heights  this morning, grim, cold, windswept and gloomy, with the added bonus of draughty and leaking windows and doors. Romantic location my ars……er……..eye.  Our address today is:  Grim Manor, Grim Street, Grimsville.

As for the view. Sod the view. There is no view anyway today as it’s so draughty I’ve got all the curtains shut on the windy side of the house to try and preserve some heat. So much for the super duper double glazing.

Never mind, running around un-decking the the halls of their boughs of holly  today should keep me warm. I’m just plucking up the courage to go outside and down to the stables to retrieve all the storage boxes for the decorations. I might get blown away. . Glad I don’t have any weddings booked this week.  That could be hard work in this weather.

According to the Met Office, Wales is going to be attacked today by a giant orange penis.


                                                                                                                                                                                                     Source: www.metoffice.gov.uk


Mind you, we’re getting off lightly. Some parts of the country have 95 MPH winds. Including the  part of Scotland where my heavily pregnant friend lives, the red bit on the map. Hope she manages not to go into labour for the next few days or that could all get very interesting for her.

a bit of light music

As part of our celebrations I’d put together the most fantastic playlist. Thank God I put it onto my iphone or we’d have been music-less on the day.  Sicne it’s such a fantastic playlist  and it would be a shame to waste it, I thought I’d put it on here for your delectation.

Some of the tracks are just ones that we like, others have great sentimental significance and cause me to fill up every time I hear them.

This first track was my ‘walking in with Big N’ music:

Noah and The Whale. 5 Years Time

Next up was our ‘signing the register’ music:

Louis Armstrong. What a Wonderful World

Then was our ‘ end of the service’ music

Paulo Nutini. Pencil Full of Lead

After that was a fabulous selection of music which included:

Jackie Wilson’s Higher and Higher

A few tracks from Robbie William’s Swing When You’re Winning

A bit of Queen ( had to be done)

Yolanda B Cool and DCUP’s  I No Speak Americano

And a fair selection of my bangingest Latin American music tracks including, ‘Eoaeo’. You can’t not smile when you’re listening to lyrics like:

“I cannot stop this leg of mine when there’s boom chica boom chica boom.”

It’s been a bit windy round here today.  Our dear old darwen Tower has been reduced from this:

Darwen Tower and clingons

To this:

Topless Darwen Tower

It’s topless. oo-er missus!

We had winds of up to 80 mph here last night. The wind wailed and howled round the house all night long with occasional gusts that rattled the windows and  scared the cats (and me).  We seem to have escaped with no damage but the tower is looking more than a bit sorry for itself.  Winter is well and truly here.

On a more tranquil note; here is a photo of the bandstand in Sunnyhurst Woods from when I was there with Mrs Woofy the other day.

Bandstand, Sunnyhurst woods