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Winter nights and Sparkly lights

It’s not often much goes on around here outside of the tourist season so it was with great excitement that we heard about an art installation going on nearby.

The first I heard about it was when I was approached by a man and woman on the beach asking me if I would be interested in me and Douggie the doggie taking part in a dog ballet. “YES!” was my instant reply. He told me there would be a brass band, an opera singer, theatrical lights and dogs wearing coloured lights, coloured balls and they’d be doing what they normally do on the beach, but after dark. It all sounded very wacky and right up my street so I signed up there and then.

It turned out to be part of a wider exhibition covering various landmarks in the town. Over three nights, hundreds of people attended. It was all very happy and Arts Councilish, right up my street! The best bit was the murmuration. A large group of us all wearing headphones as if at a silent disco listened and moved in synchronicity to music and instructions that the audience couldn’t hear, just like a flock of birds. It was BRILLIANT!!! Lashes and I were completely lost in it and we were sad when it ended.

Other exhibits were…actually, let the pictures tell the story.