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Do you believe in fairies?

Do you believe in fairies? I do.

I had a conversation about fairies recently with Annabelle of Annabelle Franklin: Author.  Go and take a look at her blog, she tells some charming tales about her little rescue dog, Millie.  I told her I’d seen a fairy while I was out walking Douggie the doggie in the woods. I’m not sure she believed me so I told her I’d provide photographic evidence.

Here it is. is this not just the most beautiful fairy you have ever seen?


Ow! Ow! Ow!

Flipping heck!

The weather’s a bit uninteresting here at the moment. Certainly in comparison to other parts of the world and even the UK. All we have weatherise  in Littletown today is a grey nothingness .

That’s not a complaint. Grey nothingness, while it’s certainly not my favourite weather, is preferable to howling gales and rain. What’s my favourite weather? Mmmm, let me think. Snow has to come top of the list followed by a lovely crisp frosty day with bright blue skies. Sunshine is always good but not too hot. I’m a tender flower and I wilt in the heat.

Right! You at the back. Stop that guffawing immediately! I AM a tender flower! Tsk. 

What’s your favourite weather?

It’s exactly this time last year that Boofuls and I were making the final preparations for our trip to the Arctic. I like to say Arctic as it sounds so much more exciting than the Swedish/Finnish border but we were inside the Arctic circle so it qualifies. Poor old Boofuls doesn’t half put up with some stuff from me. Given the chance he’d always head south to the Carribean. Me? Let’s head north! The whole trip exceeded my wildest dreams. I’ve already blogged about it so I won’t repeat it all again but if you’d like to read about it or look at the photos you can find them here.

Several years ago a past life therapist told me I a was  a Viking in a previous life. I’m not altogether sure she’s wrong. I do love that part of the world and definitely feel an affinity to it.

Anyway. Where were we? Oh yes, grey, gloomy weather.

Douggie the doggie and me set off for the nearest park this morning. It’s the best place for a boring weather day as it’s quite an interesting  walk with the park, woodland, cemetery  and moors  all within a few minutes walk from each other. In a nod towards my new year ‘get rid of the half a stone I’ve put on recently’ campaign I set the workout monitor to track the walk and set off at a brisk pace.  We walked up through the Victorian park, through the beautifully scented fir forest, over the fields until finally we walked along the top of the cemetery on our way back to the car. What a brilliant walk. I felt refreshed, revived and at peace with the world.

Douggie met a new friend. A golden labrador called Milly. Round and round they ran while I chatted to Milly’s human. Suddenly my eyes widened with horror as two wildly galloping  dogs headed straight towards me. OH MY GOD!!! With no chance of getting out of the way I stood terrified while Douggie skimmed past me but Milly ran at full speed into my legs. OW! OW! OW!

I tried not to cry as I sank to the ground, unable to put any weight on my right leg. Poor Milly’s owner was distraught, offering to carry me back to my car, call an ambulance, get help and anything else she could think of that might be helpful. What he hell are these dogs made of? Reinforced concrete? I felt like I’d been hit by a sledgehammer.

Eventually I managed to get back onto my feet and hobbled back to the car. Douggie stayed by my side all the way as good as gold. They really do understand when something is wrong, don’t they? Well, it certainly messed up my workout pace. I hobbled back at the rate of half a mile an hour. It’s sore and there’s a cracking bruise appearing but I don’t think it’s any worse than that.

It certainly livened up a grey day.

I’m back at home now,  ensconced at my computer to get on with a bit of work before all the family come round later for an end of the festivities festive meal. I’m sure I have grounds for getting someone else to cook it. I’ll just smile wanly, wince  and exaggerate my limp as I walk to the kitchen. Oh! The mileage I could get out of this.

Every cloud, eh?


I listened to my intincts today

Bored of our usual morning walk up the track and down the lane and then the reverse journey home, up the lane and down the track I decided Douggie and I would have a change of scenery yesterday. We jumped into the car and headed off for the nearest wood.

When we arrived at the woods I was surprised to see that the  the Himalayan balsam was standing six feet tall, obscuring any view through the trees, the path was overgrown and it was all looking a bit jungle-esque,  and it was all very peaceful, not another person or dog in sight.  We could have been all alone in the world. Perfect for clearing the head. You can’t beat a nice bracing walk through the woods.

I set off eagerly while Douggie sniffed around excitedly, weeing on almost every blade of grass.

I’d only gone about twenty steps through when I heard a text recieved chime. Then almost immediately I heard a twig snap.  After that there was just silence.  Even the birds seem to have stopped singing and the insects stopped humming as if they were all collectively holding their breath.  A quick look round ascertained that there was no-one on the path in front or behind me but there was most certainly someone nearby and out of sight.

Hhhmmm. Interesting.

What to do? Continue on our walk and ignore what I’d just heard or abandon the walk  and go somewhere else more public? I felt foolish even considering the options.  I’ve walked in these woods many times.

What would you have done?

Feeling like a complete twerp  I did a quick about turn and headed back to the car.  All my instincts were telling me to get away.

What happened?


What would have happened? I don’t know.

Maybe nothing.  Maybe something.

What I do know though is that over the years my instincts have served me well. I still feel like a complete idiot but you know what? I can live with that.

Do you listen to your instincts?

Deer! Dog! Boy!

Oh, bloody hell, what a drama.

It’s been a week or so since I’ve seen my sister so I sent a text: ‘Fancy a walk in the park?’

Mrs Woofy is allowed out again now that the £2 coin sized wound in her side is as small as pea, that would be a petit pois not a marrowfat pea and I thought a nice gentle stroll in the park would help her to convalesce.

‘Fab. See you there.’ came back the response. We met at the appointed place, Me, my sister, niece and her boyfriend. Mrs Woofy was all over excited and straining at the leash, eager to burn off three weeks worth of steam and generally being a pain in the proverbial.

My sister’s dog, a huge  and powerful alaskan malamute who goes by the name of ‘Flick’, looked at  her disdainfully as if to say, ‘Calm it down a bit, love.’

Alaskan Malamute

Source: http://www.gotpetsonline.com

Through the park we went, keeping a wide berth from other dogs as Mrs Woofy still has an open wound and Flick has a short temper. He won’t start a fight by by God, he’ll finish one.

Eventually we began the climb up into the wood, it was a nice, sunny and  breezy day, perfect for a walk. The dogs sniffed around and inestigated everything while we all walked and chatted when we were all disturbed by excited shouts from somewhere to our right.

The next thing we knew was that a  biggish deer leapt straight out of a bush about five feet in front of us. We all stood, frozen to the spot, all that is except Flick who set  off  with a howl at lightning speed  to bring it down.

My sister shouted:  DEER!

Then as realisation dawned:  DEER!  DOG!  FLICK! OH  NOOOOOOOOOO!  FLICK! STOOOOOOOPPPP!

Off course the dog threw her a deaf  ‘un at that point as he bounded off into the woods for his prey.

So the dog set off after the deer, the boyfriend set off after the dog, the niece set off after the boyfriend, my sister and me set off calling the dog and praying that he wouldn’t catch the deer and Mrs Woofy set off after everyone thinking that there was a nice game of chase going on.   It  was all a bit chaotic and  Benny Hill -ish.

Eventually, Flick came back, with no evidence of having caught the deer. I think the boyfriend just kept running I don’t know where he got to but he was gone for ages.We just carried on with our walk,  keeping a wary eye out for livestock and laughing like maniacs with relief that we weren’t going to prison for killing deer.  Bloody animals, it’s enough to give you a heart attack.

It’s a bit early in the day

What the hell am I doing awake at 6.30 on a Sunday morning?

I must say I’m loving this bank holiday business, even though I’m getting my days are all muddled,  every one feels like a Sunday. It is Sunday today, isn’t it?  *checks diary*.

There was a comedian on telly last night who really made me laugh. He was talking about all the different tv channels we have now, including one called ‘Yesterday’

Can you imagine telling your already confused elderly parents that ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is on Yesterday today?  Hahaaaaa!!

Anyway,  ahem, moving on.

Yesterday I had to take our nineteen year old  cat to the vet for her toenails cutting again. This time she didn’t get the usually obligatory antibiotic so it only cost £20 instead of the £40 it cost last time which left me traumatised for a week.

This time it was the cat who was traumatised. When we got back home I let her out of the basket expecting her to run upstairs and snuggle down in her usual corner and spend the rest of the day giving me the evil eye.

That didn’t happen at all. Instead she spent the whole of the rest of the day wandering round the house screaming at the top of her voice: “MY FEEEEET! MY FEEEEEEET!!! HELP! HELP! HELP!   Ooh, tuna and goats milk! *lap, lap, lap* HELP!! MY FEEEET!!”

What a bloody racket. There was no consoling her. At least she’d got it all out of her system by bedtime or it would have been a night on the tiles for her.

In between the trip to the vet and all the howling I managed to get the spare bedroom repainted. It’s now a lovely soft shade of hospital green as opposed to the lovely soft shade of sludge green that it was before. There is really only a few shades difference but it looks so much lighter and more feminine.

While I was doing that Boofuls continued to carry out the building work in the garden. How, I have no idea. He’s managed to pull a muscle in his back and he’s walking a bit like Galen from ‘Planet of the Apes’ at the moment.

Not much point in asking him if he fancied a walk in the woods then. He doesn’t walk at the best times. I asked Batty if she fancied going with me to the enchanted wood to take some photos.  Batty is the only other member of the family who likes walking so she snapped up my offer in no time. Off we trotted to the woods, well, actually, we drove to the woods.

Now I could have taken a hoofing great camera with me, the plan was after all to take photos but I’ve decided to challenge myself and come up with an exhibition’s worth of photos of the various moors and woodlands I walk on a regular basis, all taken on my phone. Not that I’m planning an exhibition, it’s only a project for my own amusement.

Whaaaatt? On your phone? How ridiculous!  I can hear you saying. Well, actually, no.

The camera on my phone is amazing. All the photos you’re about to see were all taken using my phone. It’s not easy having no meter to take light readings from but that adds to the fun of it. All of these photos are pretty much SOOC (straight out of camera).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This afternoon should be FAB-U-LOUS!!  Boofuls, me Lashes and Len are going to an Argentine tango workshop. I can’t wait for that!!!!  If there’s no lesson on after the workshop I think Boofuls and me might stay for a while after and get a bit of general practice in. We haven’t been dancing for weeks and it’s starting to become an issue. Let’s see how Boofuls’ back holds out first, eh?

Our “Big Adventure” to go and see the northern lights isn’t progressing terribly smoothly. I got a quote from a travel company who I think thought of a price and doubled it.  Apart from the fact they have completely ignored what I told them I wanted, they’ve quoted almost £3000 for three nights. Crikey!!

Doing some independent research, it looks like we can’t get a direct flight from Manchester or even Heathrow and we need to stop overnight in Stockholm. No big hardship, that. Stockholm’s lovely. Except.

We would arrive in Stockholm in the evening and fly out first thing the next morning so not a lot of opportunity for sightseeing, just a night in a hotel.  Major faffage!!

Research is continuing but I need to be aware that winter is peak season in Scandinavia so things are going to book up if I don’t get a wiggle on.

It’s much easier booking a holiday to Spain or Greece or somewhere!!