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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

After the previous week and all it’s dramas Boofuls and I needed a few days by the seaside, beside the sea.

In a rare moment of forethought we’d already booked a caravan in Paignton so once all our guests had left we headed of down south for a few days of relaxation. It’s a shame Douggie was still so poorly, he really could have done without a six hour journey but we stopped to give him plenty of breaks and to be honest I think he just needed to sleep.

Now, when I say a few days of relaxation I mean that that was the plan. It took four days for us to remember how to be on holiday. We were suddenly free to do whatever we wanted but somehow couldn’t work out how to do it. We’d make plans which never came to fruition as we kept going off half cocked and messing it all up. Once my eyeballs had stopped rolling round in my head and I calmed down enough not to snap at the slightest provocation and Boofuls recovered his equilibrium we actually had a really nice time.

Douggie didn’t help matters much. We’d just settled down on our second evening there with a nice bottle of wine, courtesy of one of the party guests, to watch my favourite ever film, Strictly Ballroom, when Douggie had a fit.

Honestly, we must have been bad buggers in a previous life because we are bloody well paying for it now. My Mum used to have a saying that really niggled me. Every time something went wrong she’d take it personally and her favourite saying was , “Well that’s another kick in the teeth.” Last week I totally related to that phrase. We really did feel like we’d had a good kicking. Douggie having a fit was the final straw. There was tears and snot everywhere, even normally calm Boofuls was beside himself. We ended the day silent and upset.

The next morning we had a meeting with the bank manager about our proposed move to Devon. See, told you we didn’t know how to be on holiday, we were still in our business heads while we were there. Anyway, As you can imagine there was a fair amount of trepidation, particularly as we were both feeling like the universe was conspiring against us. We both feared the worst.

The meeting went better than I could ever have dreamed possible. After we left the meeting we took a phone call and got some more excellent news. Could have……whisper it…..finally turned a corner? It actually feels like we may have.

Boofuls and I celebrated that night, raising our glasses and drinking a toast to corners. Here’s hoping.

Douggie the doggie’s health continued to improve, maybe it had something to do with the sea air. He was able to summon up enough energy for a rampage round on the beach and then he’d have to sleep for a few hours to get ready for the next adventure. You’ll be glad to know he’s completely back to his old self now.Here are a few of our holiday snaps:

Oh yes!!! Quick update courtesy of Annabelle who jogged my memory. On the day of Boofuls’ party we also had viewers for the house! I had to make it all look like a show home as well as everything else. No pressure!!





















Brilliant Dancing dog

Douggie and I have been practising a new dance routine. I’ve decided for our next dance we’ll do a paso doble.

We started to practice at the club last might and one of the other members commented that he looks and moves just like a dog from Azerbhajan and sent me this Youtube link.

How people can belittle heel work to music is beyond me. The level of training and the rapport between this dog and handler is superb.

I was absolutely blown away by it. Not only is he (she?) identical to Douggie, he (she?) does in fact move just like him. It was so inspiring to watch I thought I’d share it with you.

I can only aspire to reach this level, it’s amazing.

I’ve run out of superlatives now so sit back and enjoy the video.

I was having a look through my favourite blogs this morning when I saw this on, Jill of All Trades…Expert of None  She’s only 12 followers short of the magical 1000 so do yourself and her a favour and go and take a look, you wont’ regret it, it’s always a good read. Go one! Help her up to the 1000!

One of the posts I saw was this ever so cute marriage proposal. It makes Boofuls’ proposal to me all those years ago look a bit naff. It consisted of, “Shall we do it then?” Romantic is wasn’t. Boofuls; Watch and learn. Sigh.

Obviously I don’t want to pay for that

Well, jog on then, Mrs.

Cheeky bloody clients!!

This is the same one who suggested that she would only pay half of my fee in case I didn’t turn up to photograph her daughter’s wedding, I was very, very upset about having my integrity questioned.

She wanted the colour changing on the grey suit that a guest turned up in and pink chairs at the wedding turning to red because they didn’t match the colour scheme. She’s  now ordered prints, changed her mind, altered the order twice, wants editing work done  but” If I have to pay for it I won’t bother.”

Well don’t bother then.

Why don’t I just lie down and let you pee on me?

Pppssssht, she’d only complain that she got her feet wet and send me the bill for cleaning.

Gggggrrr bloody gggrrrr!!!  I’m fizzing!!!!!!!

She makes Mrs Fussyknickers look positively laid back.

Does she think I spend all day twiddling my bloody thumbs? Does she not realise I’m running a business and not a charity? Yeah, I love doing loads of work for free. NOT!

Rant over.

I’ve noticed over the last week that the blog stats have gone through the roof. An unprecedented number of people have been dropping by for a look. Welcome to all of you.

I’d love to think that it’s my writing that’s drawing everyone in but it’s not. It’s that little Youtube clip of Mrs brown that I posted last week.

Gutted for me.  :-/

I didn’t think for one minute it would attract that much attention.

Opinion among friends and family has been divided. Some (me included) think it’s hilarious, others find it offensive or just plain stupid. Isn’t it funny how different things press different peoples’ buttons?

What do you think?

Good Party

Boofuls and me went to a party at our friends house last night.  We weren’t expecting much, a few nibbles and polite conversation.

How wrong can you be?

It was a hoot!  The funniest part of the evening had to be watching our host’s daughter squirming with embarrassment at the highly inappropriate conversation that was going on between her Dad and a guest.  “Yoo -hoo, Dad! I can hear this, you know.”

The ‘nibbles’ were amazing (wipes drool off face even at the thought of the food).   Our host loves to entertain and cooking is his latest passion. I can feel he’s hankering after putting his skills to the test on Come Dine With Me or Masterchef. He’d probably do ok as well (let’s not talk about the charred garlic bread).

Lashes has been having a spot of trouble with her car for the last week or two, it’s finally back on the road after having a few refinements fitted to bring it up to scratch:


Our friend Kev, put this link on Facebook. Superb blast from the past, I thought you might enjoy it.  Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the music.